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Sent home sick

For over a month or longer I've had stomach pain an on goinhmm g the last time I was at emgency room I was treated bad an wasn't helped and now I was in such pain and now this time my white count we too high and blood in my stool an in my urine both an this has been on goin an my doctor keeps saying just an yeast infection an wouldn't help me an then they give me medicine for an ulcer an that my stomach swelling an pain has only gotten worse Im worried that trusting in these people an my health an asking for help that I may die or even bleed to death an now with test showing something serious is goin on that these tests should've been did an wasn't when I was treated poorly last time I was at the emergency room an wasn't that I could die. And don't know what is wrong but all doesn't look good my stomach doctor appointment is in another week.

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Hi Lisa :-)

Seeing blood in urine and stools is distressing but this can be caused by a number of things, not always requiring immediate intervention. Chronic pain and swelling, could this be related to your operation? Re yeast infection, symptoms are not solely related to vaginal discharge etc. a yeast infection can affect any part of the body.

When you see your doctor try to be specific about the symptoms, how often they bother you, where you have the pain and how bad it is. I know it's hard to stay calm and rational feeling the way you do, but it's likely the doctors response will depend on this. If you need specific reassurance tell the doctor.

Best regards :-) xB


My hysterectomy was a year ago so I do not believe it should be related to my surgery and they are saying now it's colitis


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