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First Smear Test ( Can they refuse me?)

Hi there

I live in Scotland and I am turing 20 next month. I am expecting my invitation by my doctor to get my first smear soon. The thing is that I am still a virgin and have had the HPV vaccine while at school which puts me in the low rick catagory for developing cervical cancer or abnormal changes. However I still want the smear test done.

Can who ever performs it refuse to do it because in a virgin?

To me even though i am low risk, there is still a risk of something being there, and I dont want to wait until later as they are putting the age up to 25 in Scotland next year. Plus over the last 2 years I have been having (TMI) lots of dicharge, some spotting from time to time, lower abdomen and pelvic pain, which is still undiagnosed and none of my doctors seem to care, so part of me want to have it in case it shows what could be causing this.

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Hi you have to be 25 and registered with a doctor to have a smear test I.e. Invited by your medical practise. A lot of people don't agree with this and I'm one if them, so when my daughter wanted one age 21 I paid to have it done privately for her so there was no risk of her getting cervical cancer - Jane Goody who was in The Big Brother house came down with it quite young and very sadly died. I would urge you to get a test done privately because of this, you only have one life don't put yourself at risk.

Good luck to you.


It's 21 in Scotland, They are changing next year to 25. I just want to know if they will refuse to do it because I've not had sex.


This is what it say on NHS Choices:

Research shows your risk of developing cervical cancer is very low if you’ve never been sexually active. You may decide that you don’t want to have a cervical screening test when you are invited. However, you can still have a test if you want one.


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