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Hello everyone.

I'm sorry this is a bit of a long post but need help.

I was diagnosed with PCOS about two years ago but think I have been in denial til now...

I did a pregnancy test four weeks ago which was positive but had heavy spotting a week later so because of my previous history of miscarriages, seven between 2008 and 2014, I made an appointment for the doctor to confirm the pregnancy.  It was confirmed but the doctor made me a appointment for an ultrasound for the next day.  The ultrasound didn't show anything which the nurse informed me was not unusual for 6 weeks but make me an appointment for yesterday (04/03/15)...  The normal ultrasound didn't show anything again so they decided to use the internal wand...  The nurse doing the scan called the doc in and I was 7 - 9 weeks but no sign of a heartbeat.  I had bloods taken and gave a urine sample.  Today I got a call from the doctor to go in and see him, he told me because of the spotting & cramp I had, my history of miscarriages and the results of the blood & urine he is expecting me to miscarry in the next couple of weeks and if I don't I have to go see my doctor for something to bring it along.....  I am almost glad that I hadn't told any of my family.

The doctor has told me that the PCOS is probably the underlying reason which is not being helped by me being over weight.  He advised me to talk to others with PCOS.  I have been a member on here for a little while, just reading the posts but thought it was time I actually got some help from all the lovely supportive people on here  xx

I smile every time I read the success stories and hope one day it will be me.  I have read some stuff about PCOS but find it confusing so could someone please tell me in simple terms what it is?  I know there is a difference between PCO and PCOS.  I have PCOS and am on 500mg Metformin three time a day, thyroxine plus take Folic Acid.

I know some people may think it is a bit soon to be thinking about trying to conceive again but I just want some advice as to what people have used to help conceive.  Also I am over weight with a BMI of 47 which I know is morbidly obese can anyone help me with this to?

Thank you for reading this.

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Hi there, thanks you so much for sharing your story with the community. Have you seen the PCOS community: healthunlocked.com/verity-pcos ?


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