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reocurring cyst on ovary?

Does anyone get simple CYST or any other type of cyst reoccurring on ovaries/bladder?? What treatments have you used to stop it?? I have been told that i dont have any endometriosis so i dont know why i keep getting them......help????... worried cause dont want to take hormone medication as want to try for babies... but i understand if i keep having cyst then i wont or my have problems falling pregnant...

help and advice....please x x x

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Hi there, here is a community about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): healthunlocked.com/verity-pcos I think you might get more answers there.


Thanks SimoneHU, Problem is the gyne consultants say i havent got PCOS so i feel like am hitting a brick wall. However hopefully i can gain some information that helps via that link you sent me.

Greatly appreciated.

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