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8 weeks late. But my hubby has the snip

just wondering..... Av never been 8 weeks late before. My last period was on 20th dec 2014 that's when I started it only last for 3 days that's normale for me.... Since I have never had my period. Also my hubby has the snip about 11 years ago. I don't have kids, but would love to!! So can I be prengant or is something wrong ? Am at docs next week. Also I have not taken a test yet!!! Xxx

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You didn't say how old you are. Some women can start the menopause in their 30's!! Sorry to inform you, but my husband had the snip reversed and unfortunately I never did get pregnant.

Also in the past, medication made me miss 2 or 3 periods so it could also be that if you are on any.

Hope you get on okay at the doctor's!


I have just turned 27 in jan. And I have haven't been on any meds. Only a week of antibiotics for my wisdom tooth lol. Av had some brown spotting today. I thort it was the start of my period but nothing!!! Thanks for your comment


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