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Abnormal smears left?!

Hi ladies,

After my last smear test I was told I have abnormal cells and I also tested positive for HPV virus.

I went on to have a colposcopy, which due to other problems caused me excruciating pain but This showed that the cells were mild.

My worry is that I've been discharged and won't be offered another smear test for 3YEARS!!

I understand the cells are mild but I feel that 3years is a long time to wait before retesting. Especially seeing as this isn't my first abnormal smear and I have had this all before!!

Has anyone else had this and had to wait 3years?


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I'm sure the protocol is yearly after abnormal cells and you'll get this until you've had 3 clear smears - I've had 3 colposcopys and loop biopsies done since getting my first abnormal smear test 3 years ago the first being offered 6 months after my first loop biopsy


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