Video: This Girl Can

I have always rolled my eyes at the typical fitness images/videos of women with full face makeup (not even a sweat drop) posing as if they were exercising. Well, this video is nothing like that and has a good dose of women moving, sweating and doing their thing:

Created by Sport England for the campaign This Girl Can.

What do you think?

4 Replies

  • It looks exhilerating, I wish I could do it :-) xB

  • Hi SimoneHU,

    Thanks for posting the video


    Universal blessings

  • I read about this ad coincidentally just before it was due to be shown on ITV between Coronation Street so had been forewarned so to speak and knew what it was all about. I must admit though, that yes it's very catchy and I love the music that goes with it but had I not already read about it, I wouldn't, from the advert alone had a clue what it was for. I don't think it's very self explanatory.

  • Thank you for posting this video

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