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Can I be pregnant?

I've taking 5 pregnancy test one of which was a blood test. I haven't had a period in 17 weeks. I have had all the symptoms of being pregnant (morning sickness, sore breasts, headaches, heartburn, some dizziness, weight gain,etc.) And I swear I can feel something moving in my stomach. I asked my husband to put his hands were I felt movement, he felt it to. So did 5 other people. Am I pregnant? Is there any one who might be able to help me out or give me advice on what my next step should be.

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Hi torimosco :-)

The blood test must have been done by a doctor, I think you should

go back ASAP and be checked out. xB


Hi there! Sometimes you can get a false negative when taking a pregnancy test. You mention your symptoms - did they include a hatred for certain smells? I remember this affected me, albeit 31 years ago, and I haven't drunk tea since! It happened to my daughter too!! XXX


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