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Missed miscarriage

This is my first post and I'm afraid I'm not as medically aware as many of you are on this site. I have been in 200 mcg of Levothyroxine for about 6 years now, since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the birth of my last child. There is a particular doctor that I see, who seems to have got my levels pretty much alright, keeping my dose slightly higher than some doctors would as he knows what is right for me. I recently found out I was pregnant again and immediately asked to have my bloods done very early on so that they could up the dosage pretty quickly. My normal doctor was on leave as it the summer holidays and I had to call and call the doctors to get a response. The receptionist eventually told me that it said my levels were normal and nothing needed to be done. Well, I reached my 10 week antenatal appointment, after continuing my normal dosage and had another set of bloods done, which, again, came back normal, in fact slightly better than before. It was another doctor over the phone this time. I asked my the levels were better than before and she fobbed me off with the fact that I was maybe being better at taking them. I reached my scan date at 13 weeks, still continuing on my original dosage and the tragedy was that the baby had died at 10 weeks and had to have an erpc the next day. I am totally devastated and trying hard to carry on as normal. Since the op last week, I have been feeling very tired, cold and faint (and very sad) but can't get into to see doctor until 13th Oct. Firstly, I would like to know whether all pregnant women should be increased in the first trimester, could my levels have changed since my missed miscarriage and what should I do next time? Feeling very low all round.

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Dear Abich,

I'm so very sorry that this has happened to you.

Probably the best people to answer this would be on HealthUnlocked


My own daughter had a very similar experience a few months ago re

the misscarriage, although she isn't on thyroid medication. At the 3mth

scan she was told the baby had died at 7wks. They said that a pregnancy

test would still indicate she was pregnant, the next day she also had


Log onto ThyroidUK, I hope it's helpful :-) xBeryl


Hi abich, I am sorry, looks like you have been through a lot! Hope you are feeling better by now.

I don't have experience with thyroid hormones, but I know the Thyroid community does: healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk


Hi Abich,

I am new to this site, and first started on it because of my new found Hashimoto's condition. I was looking under Women's Health to see if I could find anyone with a similar situation to mine.. I know your post is older, however it really caught my eye. I am so sorry for your loss, and I am very sorry you had to go through that. I discovered my hypothyroid condition shortly after my daugther's funeral(I had a late missed miscarriage at 16 weeks; I only found out one week later). During the exams they ran on her after they removed her body, they did not come up with any conclusions.. When they found my thyroid disorder, they explained that my condition could have caused my miscarriage, but since checking your thyroid hormones during pregnancy it could have been easily missed. I was so devastated and felt like it was my fault. My daughter would have been born by the end of this month... Now I am fighting to get on healthy levels of thyroid hormones, but seems to me no doctor has taken me seriously, and it scares me to think that I may never have kids if they don't find the correct solution for me...but it also scares me to try again, and again have the same traumatic experience.

I hope you have found a solution since then, I wish you much joy. Till this day, I suffer her loss, and miss her greatly, it was our first baby and she came at a very rough time for me bringing much joy, but her loss, hit me hard..But now I know what is wrong, and I am working hard to make sure none of my future babies lives are cut short due to my health issues..

Best wishes!


Thanks for your comments about my earlier post. It was a terrible time for me and it took me a long time to get though the following through months and still stay strong for my family. We decided to try just one more time but before we did I went for another check up with the doctor again and he was very reassuring indeed. He said that, looking at my blood results again, he could assure me that he didn't think it was the thyroid that caused my miscarriage and with regular checks, I should be able to have a successful pregnancy. I'm pleased to say that I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and have just had a good and healthy second scan. A good doctor who really understands thyroid issues are hard to come by though. Since becoming pregnant again another doctor tried to reduce my dose. Luckily I went back to the trusted doctor for a back up and he carried me on the same dose. Fingers crossed for the next few months. Best wishes to all of you!


That is amazing pastmark4! I am so happy for you! Best wishes to you in the next coming months, I am positive you will have a beautiful and healthy baby!! :)


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