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I've been to see my GP countless times about extremely heavy and painful periods and have had scans to see if I have endometriosis, but to no avail. Every doctor I have been to see has refused to either refer me to a specialist or refer me for a laparoscopy. They say I am too young to have such an invasive operation, at 23 years of age, and that it would cause more problems or potentially damage my womb.

Can anyone help me on this, as I really am at my wits end with all the pain and problems. I really just need to know if a laparoscopy is unsuitable for me at this time.

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Hi budasti:-)

I sympathise with you, it's no picnic dealing with pain and heavy periods.

I found two sites for you to look at- - which gives referral guidelines for GPs. It seems that they

can choose to refer at their discretion.

But, all is not lost :-) - gives information on entitlement for referral to women

under 40 who have heavy periods.

I hope this helpful, best wishes :-) xB

Hey there. 23 is not young to have a laparoscopy. I'm 21 an have had 2 laparoscopy operations in the past 2 years. I have had very heavy irregular periods all my like. Went to have ultra sound scans an have had 2 ovarian cysts which I've now had removed both times. Has your gp not mentioned having a scan to see if it could be a cyst on the ovaries? Do you get period pains that are worse than usual?

An do you feel more hormonal than usual?

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