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Laparoscopy Referral

I've been to see my GP countless times about extremely heavy and painful periods and have had scans to see if I have endometriosis, but to no avail. Every doctor I have been to see has refused to either refer me to a specialist or refer me for a laparoscopy. They say I am too young to have such an invasive operation, at 23 years of age, and that it would cause more problems or potentially damage my womb.

Can anyone help me on this, as I really am at my wits end with all the pain and problems. I really just need to know if a laparoscopy is unsuitable for me at this time.

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Hi budasti:-)

I sympathise with you, it's no picnic dealing with pain and heavy periods.

I found two sites for you to look at-

nhs.uk - which gives referral guidelines for GPs. It seems that they

can choose to refer at their discretion.

But, all is not lost :-)

nice.org.uk - gives information on entitlement for referral to women

under 40 who have heavy periods.

I hope this helpful, best wishes :-) xB


Hey there. 23 is not young to have a laparoscopy. I'm 21 an have had 2 laparoscopy operations in the past 2 years. I have had very heavy irregular periods all my like. Went to have ultra sound scans an have had 2 ovarian cysts which I've now had removed both times. Has your gp not mentioned having a scan to see if it could be a cyst on the ovaries? Do you get period pains that are worse than usual?

An do you feel more hormonal than usual?


Me to

There is a direct policy of No referral & testing even if you have family history & symptons .

If your'e over 60 it is even worse as they don't have Specialists of the CCGs .GPs were entrusted with the funds as had taken Hippocratic oath now no longer.

From: julie shrive <julie.shrive@sky.com>

Subject: Pardon ??!!Re Cervical Smear Uptake?- Deliberate Discrimination & Cancer Negligence

Date: 22 January 2018 at 08:34:36 GMT

To: <Breakfast@bbc.co.uk>

1 Lodgemore Cottage , Lodgemore Lane , Stroud, Glos GL53EQ 01453 454 587 mob.07986637996

RE: Smear Test Uptake??!!!

Your News upsets me as not the truth .i am 71 being DELIBERATELY denied investigation because of age , GENETICS & smear tests & Rapid Access Appts [ Cancer/Heart/Lungs] every time there are Cutbacks even though established it has been caused by a Disability this has caused GP surgeries this time to be changed 8x as don’t feel safe the CQC know this yet do nothing as is caused deliberately by Government decentralising to CCG allowing LAs /CCGs with non specialists[ GPson no Hippocratic oaths ] or appropriate funding to be GP fund holders when was originally & should be still Specialists in openly accessible hospitals .

Since i had this year possible the cancer symptoms refused investigation in 2 surgeries ie: perpetual discharge, hard lumps [ lymph?}unable to be examined i decided to pay for MY own one in London , the Polish Doctors who there & then did one with an ultrasound on the spot found endometrial thickening & sebaceous cysts [ which get when cutis not under control.My targeted treatment 3 weekly in London up to 3yrs ago was not transferred & have had as many GP as apps following up what was agreed on by Dr responsible that most experienced GPs deferring to knowing of the discrimination.In fact the one whose list originally on had refused to monitor appropriately on arrival .Yet it is her name used to use Choose & Book inappropriately not submitting THE responsible Drs letter for Rapid Access prevented if not 2 weekly in surgery .

Eventually i got the hysterscopy for endometrium & cysts with no plan of action for lumps caused possibly by lack of antibiotics withheld yet vulval cysts still not been examines & treated when lips-lymphoedema/srable /unstable angina possibly not diagnosed except for angioplasty when had MI & disability - spina bifida acknowledged .as for hard lunps these are being ignored along with vascular aspect of lipo= lymphoedema & no treatment .i suspect i am a guinea pig do nothing till i die so can bully maligne & ignore confidentiality by online hidden system admin & Drs use thaving prevented registering unless gave consent agreeing to libelled

As the legal & political system ignores this negligence using the unqualified call handers & technicians & Nurses administering on remits with no Specialist in charge as with 111??!!

Sincerely ,

Julie Shrive

PS I was in London up to 5 yrs ago when moved to Cirencester , now Stroud re Negligent NHS treatment also in London since 1996 [ physically targeted out of employment re heart symptoms neglected emanating fro no antibiotics & hospital monitoring for disability [ found re cutis acute 3 weekly] spina bifida abnormal EEG .

PS Over the Counter Canesten cannot be bought if over 60 then Tests refused & Apps if over 60 in GPs surgery likewise uni testing [ when microscopes in hospitals for testing out of date]

1 Lodgemore Cottage , Lodgemore Lane , Stroud, Glos GL53EQ 01453 454 587 mob.07986637996

On 10 Jan 2018, at 00:18, autoresponse@cqc.org.uk wrote:

Dear enquirer

Please accept this automated response as acknowledgement that we have received your email. Your enquiry number is ENQ1-4724693765. Please quote this enquiry number should you wish to contact us regarding your enquiry. If you have shared concerns about a service, details will be shared with the relevant Inspector who may contact you for further information.

You can find information about CQC on our website: cqc.org.uk

You can find out why we want to hear about your experience of care here: cqc.org.uk/node/2112

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