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Pain in my lower side

So this isn't the only time I've felt it, it seems to always come before my period comes and lasts during it until my cycle ends for the month. I always get nervous, though. I'm just wondering what it is. It's pain right next to my pelvis, not above it. It's literally right next to it and it hurts even more when I press on it. It's not horrible pain where I can't get up or anything, but it hurts. I don't have any money to get to the doctor nor transportation. I also lose apetite and feel bloated most of the time. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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Hi nothingnothing (I'm sure you're not), the pain could be constipation or, if you have a back problem it could be referred pain from that. In any case you should get it checked out. Good luck. Take care, Lizzy.



I endured chronic pain on both sides for years before I found out

what was causing it. Don't suffer, grit your teeth and sort it.

In my case, I was told I had adhesions around my ovaries. The pain

first started after I went on the pill. It was awful. It lessened in severity

after pregnancy, although I still feel it sometimes and it's 10yrs since

my last period.

I'd had a burst appendix as a very young child, inflammation at the time

was thought to be the cause. :-) xB


You need to check it out, it could be so many things......if you've heard that bloating could be a symptom of something going wrong with your ovaries, look at the Eve Appeal website. That will tell you about the symptoms of Gynae cancers.......Just in case.......I'm sure it's nothing sinister. it is more likely to be an infection. If you're young, it may be you need to get it checked out in case it affects your fertility

All the best

Love Wendy xx


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