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-Need help for diet + willpower+Better use of my treadmill-Starting weight loss program from today-


I am 23 yr old female with 58 kg and height 5 feet.

I was a proud Foodie. My weight never bothered me unless i did not find any XL-tees in shop.Today I went to visit a gynecologist.As soon as she saw me she asked "Did you come here because of irregular periods? Well..these days a lot of youngsters suffer from hormone imbalance.You have it, and i can tell that from the size of your tummy". Now,****I WANNA SHED 12 kg in 4 Months**** before i can see that doc again.

---------------MY DAILY DIET from Childhood included:----------

1. Morning :Water

2. Breakfast: Items made from rice or wheat with Chutney / Sambar+ Tea

3. Lunch:Rice,Fish,Curry, Vegetables,Buttermilk/Curd

4. Evening:Snacks+Tea

5. Night:Rice,Fish,Curry, Vegetables


* I ATE SNACKS most of the time and basically din't Work out*'

I seek help and advise from somebody who really knows things,because i am gonna take it seriously.Thank you so much.. <3

--------------My New Diet-------------

I will Avoid Oil,Sugar.

I wont eat Snacks.

I will eat Fruits a lot (already brought on d way back from hospital)

Drink 2 Lr water daily


I am not allowed to go out of my house alone.I have a treadmill here(not that frequently used).I plan to WALK briskly daily morning for 30 mins to burn the fat.Should i do something else??Are you Listening?Anybody??

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you are very young and it is very easy to lose weight when you are young, so dont worry.avoid sugar, fried stuff and try to run everyday for at least 3km. dont worry about the speed of your running . be very consistent and you are sure to lose weight. eat lots of fruits

and drink lots of water. all the best. soon you will fit into your small size t.shirts.




Hi ,

your new diet and workout is perfect just maintain this my advise is ur walk for 30 mins per day just increase like this "one week 30 mins and next week 40 mins" .weekly check ur wait also u can see the differences .have a nice day ,bye.



Iam Raghunath Independent Herbalife Distributor. Herbalife Intl. is a premier Nutrition and Weight management co.

For your Ht 5' your Wt should be 51kgs. As per WHO (World Health Org.) for every 20kgs you should consume 1ltr water. Your water consumption should be 2.5ltrs daily. this would help you to do cleansing of your body internally and natural way.Since you have threadmill at home you can do your work out in evening and 45mins brisk walking in morning around 5am. When you do workout your cells open up to be fed with good nutrition. Herbalife products are very good and beneficial. It has all the ingredients what a body requires in right quantities. Proteins ,Vitamins,Fibre, Minerals and nutrients. Using Herbalife products your body gets the best nutrition and becomes strong internally.Your skin glows and sparkle on your face. Your waistline fat will disappear,because Herbalife products are low in calorie and rich in Proteins ,Vitamins,Fibre, Minerals and nutrients

You can get in touch with me on mobile 9867151358 or my e mail id ts.raghunath@yahoo.com

cheers and take care,



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