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Is it true that one must avoid jogging and take only brisk walks after 35yrs of age?

I am 39...recently diagnosed to have diabetes,have been walking for 30 minutes evrydy for past 2 mths only to lose some weight and bring my sugar levels down.My height is 5.4 and weight was 71kgs earlier,now its 68kgs.I want proper guidance as regards my diet and exercise to achieve my goal.

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Firstly, can I suggest you join are diabetes community. The reason I suggest this is because diet and exercise advice is not the same for diabetics as non-diabetics:


But to answer your questions, running versus walking rather depends on the individual. 30 minutes of walking a day is very good particularly if you get the pulse up. but join the diabetes group and ask for advice there. Best of luck, you are doing well.


I am already a part of that group Ganeshji.But I have been told that reducing weight will help me to reverse my diabetes.Thanks for the support n advise though.


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