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im overweight

hey there, i am currently residing in Malaysia and i think i am a little too fat to fat for an asian

when i started my university life that's when i started gaining weight n on top of it all i have never been 80 kg before in my life.

so here's the thing i have got an annual dinner coming up on the 8th may n i still couldn't find a dress that would actually fit me!! which is making the situation even worse.

yes, i could start jogging and working out. however, i'm feel very shy of my figure. i'm scared to go out there with no stamina and start running.

What should i do?? i really wanna be 55 kg again =(

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I can tell you what seems to be working for me, its called Almased, powdered drink made up of so, that's fermented, protein, and honey, with vitamins, check out their site, it is pricey, but after your first enitial expense it equals out to about 3.50 a meal, check out PB 2 its powdered peanut butter, real good for adding to our shakes, I started a month ago, lost 12.6 PDS, and at age 60 m metabolism was shot, this has also kept m sugar levels in the normal range, stopped my terrible reflux, and the best part, it somehow stops cravings, so worth Evey penny,Walgreens has the best price s far as I Can see. The first two weeks you do little exerzize. Look for a friend to join you in your journey, You could dance inside your home, and Yoga is Awesome too!


Honey is sugar and powdered anything's not going to be good for health is it?


Nutritional shakes are not a complete balanced diet.


Here is a sample meal plan:


Soft Cheese

2 Eggs any style

2 Serving spoons vegetable casserole.


Cheese or nuts

1 small barely-ripe banana or 5 (preservative-free) dried-apricots

3 oatcakes or quinoa (90g cooked weight).


1 medium sweet potato or 1 cob sweetcorn or chickpeas (100g cooked weight).

non-starchy roast vegetables or stir-fry greens

palm-size meat or fish or seafood or poultry or game

whipped double-cream and/or coconut.

Adjust unspecified portion sizes to facilitate individual weight-management requirements.

Start to reintroduce activity gently; don't try to run before you can walk. Remember, exercise doesn't make up for a bad diet.


hi ! I'm from India and if you are on facebook, pls find us on it with the name GOOD MORNING WELLNESS CLUB..If u r serious enough to get back to 55kgs, I'll make sure that you will achieve your target.

Pls share your email ID and ph no. or pen down mine, rajni_purchanda1990@yaho.com or +91-9711993203


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