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Hi,wanna ask something to you ?

I am 24 years old my height is 5.6 feet and my weight ranges from 82 to 85 even if i go to gym do proper diet and workout it dint decrease below 82 and if i stop all dis and start eating junk food no exercise den also it never increase then 85 . I have tries yoga, skipping ,gym, various diets, weightloss medicines, everything i come across but my weight remain in this range can you give suggestions i want to reduce atleast 25 kgs.

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gym is not useful for long term,My way of reducing the weight does not need any additional time for the process.Just take the balance food in time as adviced by me and some kind of special product. pl.mail-to ,to_pksharma@yahoo.co.in for detail


I consulted doctor i have done my thyroid test my lipid profile everything and all reports are totally normal and doctor say i dont have any problem.

I take a balanced diet but sometimes on weekends i eat out .


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