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Back to the weightloss journey after the holiday


I was dreading this morning's weigh-in, but as it turns out I needn't have worried. I spent last week making 'lighter' choices opting for soups instead of heavier starters and lean meats. I even had desserts every night but refused the cheeseboard. Even so, I feel like I ate too much, but the scales don't agree so I am a very happy bunny.

I was 13st 4lbs this morning

Waist 91cm

So I have not gained anything.

My goal for this week is to lose a couple of pounds and increase my exercise a bit (I have a days worth of ironing to do tomorrow lol)

Good luck everyone

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suzybenj1 stone

Great news - I too did my holiday and did not gain - but then blew it all by a birthday weekend and just over indulgent the following weekend. So if you can stay focussed - I am currently obsessed with my weigh in this week being less than where I was last friday - and concentrating so I don't slip up! And I have no plans this weekend - so hopefully no eating distractions!

Good luck

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Holidays and celebrations - they all come at once dont they? My husbands actual 50th is next Tuesday, 2 days before my mother's 70th so I have a big meal at the weekend to contend with and a 'drink and nibbles' evening on Tuesday. I will put one of the coping strategies I used on holiday into practice again which is basically small mouthfuls and eating slowly, but best laid plans and all that! Hopefully after Tuesday I too can get back into the diet properly as there should be no more major distracting celebrations for me until the summer.

Good luck this week suzybenj.

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