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starting again

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Bowling102022 July

start weight 13.11lbs l need to get my weight back under control,

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Hi Bowling10, the week you joined we had a glitch on the site which made everything difficult to find. May I suggest that you click on the blue link below, go to the pinned posts, scroll down until the 3rd post and reply to our host dontdojogging. This will make you a part of our weekly weigh in.

Good luck,🍀

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DartmoorDumplingRestart Feb 2022

You are not alone out there… weight has been steadily creeping back on too, and I weigh the same as you. Time to take control as you say! My weaknesses are bread, chocolate, ice creams, and desserts. Got to start planning ahead and find alternative sources of pleasure because that is what they are…I realise that I am not even particularly hungry when I snack. More cups of tea, more fresh fruit and more activity to keep me out of the kitchen is needed. How about you; what do you find most difficult?

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Bowling102022 July in reply to DartmoorDumpling

I think mine is just overeating too big a portion so small plates and don’t go back into the kitchen after my meals

Good luck I was that size and then some in my mid 20s now I religiously weigh myself and if my weight gets above 11stone I know it's time to hit the diet and exercise plan hard I hit 11 stone 2 months ago and have lost 11 pounds already so it can be done just need plenty of exercise

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