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Starting weight loss journey (again)

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JanechicRestart June 2021

I have stayed the same weight for months and really need support, my doctor has told me I should aim to be 9st 7lbs and I am currently 12 stone 11 lbs. I have stayed the same weight for ages now despite some efforts to lose some. I walk/jog very slowly nearly everyday but then I am really hungry and snack loads in the evenings. Please does anyone have advice, I sometimes feel like I am trying but then put on more! I am older 45, it seems easier when I was younger to lose than now. I love clothes but most are not fitting very well now and I am very large around my middle. I have mental health issues and the medication makes people put weight on disproportionally around the tummy area. I am inspired by the posts about amazing weight loss and would love to hear from anyone, best wishes Jane xxxx

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Welcome back, Janechic :)

I'm sure that if you've seen the amazing weight loss of other members, you'll also have noticed that they have immersed themselves in forum life, to get the best that's on offer. There's a lot of information to be found and you may find these interesting too:

As a reminder, all of the information you need about the forum can be found in and we hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

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HappyBeeeRestart Nov 2020

Heya Janechic welcome back! It is a good start to come on here, and start making some good habits stick! For eg the daily diary if food planning works for u to keep you on track as it does for a lot of people! A lot of people on here are low carb these days, and in terms of central obesity or a tendency to lay down your weight on your middle, lowering your insulin is a good start. For most people (ask your doc if you feel you need that reassurance) having a low carb, low sugar diet is a key to reducing weight especially on your upper body and mid section. Have you tried anything like that before? A slow progression is definitely ok, there is no rule about how you approach. A slow approach might even be favourable in terms of sticking it out. I can relate to some of your challenges, and I am cheering you on! You can do it!

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JanechicRestart June 2021 in reply to HappyBeee

Hi thank you for you reply, I havent tried low carb, low sugar healthy eating before, but will definitely try it, it sounds good to lower insulin and lose weight around my mid section. I am mostly plant based so I am thinking of having some more things like green salad with hf dressing (just a little) to add flavour and taste but this will still be low carb. I enjoy those and they are quite low calorie I think and healthy. There is a lot of conflicting information about diet some say low carb high fat, some say vegan low fat and high carb, I sometimes dont know which to do for the best. However I havent tried keto which correct me if this is wrong is low carb high fat (healthy fat) lots of fruit and veg (whole foods) ? I am mostly plant based so far which I think is a good thing but I have been eating lots of bread and jam which is probably the problem in the evening and increasing my calories and carbs. Thank you for your help and advice its great to have support and inspiration and have a great day! best wishes xxxx

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HappyBeeeRestart Nov 2020 in reply to Janechic

I am a pescetarian and eat a lot of plant-based food. Doing low-carb high-fat can be trickier without meat in the equation. I think if you post your food plans in the daily diary and ask for advice on your plans you'll get some great wisdom from forum folk who are better versed in low-carb high-fat or some version of it than I am. The science is SOOO confusing, I definitely agree. From what science I have read and understand I believe low carb high fat food is easier on our systems in terms of insulin and therefore makes weightloss more naturally easy. To put it in oversimplified terms. So for eg shredded cabbage cooked in butter, salad leaves and avocado chunks dressed in Extra Virgin olive oil dressing or full fat mayo dressing or Baked aubergine with tahini dressing would all be better options than pasta with a fat free tomato sauce, or a bowl of chopped fruit, or cereal with low fat milk, or low fat spread on crackers for example.. 'Better' in this sense refers to what that food does to our insulin levels (high insulin = store fat signals released, low insulin = use fat reserves signals)... That said I am not a strict low carber. Ive tried it a couple of times and may try it more strictly again, but right now I am doing a relaxed approach with a Mediterranean diet slant. I like lots of olive oil, avocado, veggies and some fruits, a few portions of fish or veggie protein alternatives, a small amount of grains like wild rice quinoa and pulses like beans and chick peas etc. Moderation is my current aim, and whole foods where I can!

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ErylVisitor in reply to Janechic

Keto is just extremely low carb (Around 20g or less per day)and does not mean lots of fruit as many fruits contain a lot of carbs. For fruit you should be favouring berries and avoiding the very sweet modern varieties.

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Now gyms are open I would try group exercise . I am 61 and love Zumba. I joined my gym via a scheme called PARIS which is a rehab programme post op recovery but many who had mental health issues got funding too . In short a referral via GP get you a 12 month subsidised programme with a go to gym special trainer and then you choose any general classes / swimming . This wasn't just for exercise but go to a class and it stops you eating especially in the evening . I found people motivated me . I found a small group to walk with who encouraged me to turn up . It helped my confidence . I changed jobs and found interviews weren't as bad as I ever thought they would be . I wouldn't do any faddy diets that restrict the food you like . Generally 3 decent meals a day , no snacks and watch what you drink . I sip hot and cold fruit tea - love berries .

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JanechicRestart June 2021 in reply to focused1

Hi thank you for your reply, yes I would like to try group exercise in the evenings as that is when i comfort eat the most. I havent heard of the PARIS scheme but will ask my GP about this as it sounds great. I find people motivating too, and connecting with people helps my confidence as well. I would love to be more relaxed and have the confidence to join groups and it sounds great to feel confident to put myself forward for new job interviews. I like green tea and love berries too, thank you for your help xx

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Hello and welcome back, great to have you with us!

Would you like to join us on our weigh in today? You can find it under pinned posts, hope to see you there! :-) x

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