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Feelpositive12021 October

Hi there, today I have just joined this support group. My main issue I have with my weight is that when I am stressed or bored or both I turn to sweet things or takeouts and even have a few cheeky glasses of wine. Not good or fun considering I'm type 2 diabetic. The funny thing is that I know its bad for me and I physically want to stop myself from doing it but my head argues with me to say no this won't hurt you just have it today and then it's like a viscous circle where in that moment I zone out and binge eat or drink n then regret it later to which I then do the same again. Its gotten to the point where its affecting my chances of conceiving as well as trying to reverse my diabetes. The doctors have even warned me about my liver starting to be affected and that's when I knew I needed help and it has lead me here. So I don't know what all this means but I hope by reaching out the way i have, that I can have support and give support to those who may be going through the same thing or near the same thing as me.

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Hello and welcome, Feelpositive1 :)

I see from your profile that you've had your diabetes diagnosis for some time. I hope that means that you understand that diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism so it's not just a question of losing weight but of changing what you eat to reduce your carbohydrate intake. The same applies if you are developing liver disease. Please note that if you are on medication for your diabetes, you should discuss such changes with your doctor.

You will find forum members who have reversed Type 2 diabetes including Gizmocat and Fran182716 : I don't know if either of them is around but if so, they may be able to give you some encouragement. Apart from that, I would recommend joining in with forum activities, starting with the daily diary and a weigh in. You'll find them, and all our other activities, by following this link to Pinned Posts. Scroll through all the posts so you see everything that's on offer.

Active participation is the key to getting the most out of the forum so I hope we'll see you joining in with lots of activities

Hi Feelpositive1

Welcome to this site. I’m also very new here, and I joined for similar reasons although I do not have Diabetes.

I agree that getting in touch with other members who do/did have Diabetes will definitely help.

I understand though how easy it is to fall into this vicious circle. I’ve done it over and over. Now I’m trying to take it just 1 day at a time or even just one meal or one snack time at a time.

As soon as I feel the urge to reach out for that thing I know I shouldn’t eat, or I don’t need to eat, I’ll drink a couple of glasses of water or go for a walk or even just sit down and watch a film to help me forget about it.

I’m also trying to eat nutritious, filling dishes at each meal time which has helped me to stop wanting to snack in between. My weak point is chocolate digestives and a cup of coffee!!

Also preparing your healthy meals a day or two in advance means you have healthy meals on tap as soon as you feel those hunger pangs and you won’t just grab the first thing you find.

I’ve also started going for a walk each day, even if it’s only 10 minutes, which is good for many reasons, but for me mainly it’s about putting into action that I make a conscious decision every day to be fitter and healthier than I was yesterday.

It’s all helping, slow and steady. But ultimately I had to get to the point of saying “no more, today is the day I stop making excuses for myself” before I was even able to put these things into place for real.

Good luck with your journey. You can do this and don’t give up, rest if you must but don’t quit! It sounds like you have a lot to gain if you stick to your plan.

Welcome to our friendly community. You won't find anywhere better for support. I agree with BridgeGirl, joining a weekly weigh in and taking part in the Daily Diary will help you get the most out of it. Giving support to others will also benefit you. We have some lively conversations so come on in and start enjoying yourself. Good luck with your weight loss journey and best wishes.

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Hello, you've come to the right place ! Would you like to join us on our Christmas Challenge? Here's the link, hope to see you there! :-) x

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Feelpositive12021 October

Thank you everyone means alot for everyone's support. :-)

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gman1961Restart April 2021

Great support on this forum,open all the time and it's free.Goodluck Feelposative1,


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