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Is someone able to help

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My weight is creeping up and up.. nothing fits and I feel awful about myself.

Does anyone have any easy to follow/ make full diet plans?

I get overwhelmed with lots of choice etc and I just want someone to tell me what to eat and how much exercise to do.. I am limited as I have bad knees but can walk with bursts of running and I can do some knee friendly aerobic classes. Im just struggling to organise my food and I need a simple guide.

I hope this doesn’t sound lazy, I just can’t find focus 😞

30 Replies
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Hi Tweedygirl, when i started my journey i used the nhs 12 week app along side their easy meals app. Together they gave me the starting point for changing my eating habits. There's also this useful guide that may help

Hope they help 😊 xx

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Tweedygirl in reply to springersrule

This is perfect for me as a visual x thank you

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Tweedygirl in reply to Tweedygirl

I’ve signed up x it’s very interesting

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Diet Doctor offer a free trial 30 day customised plan which could get you started and give you meals to copy after the time is up. The site is also stuffed full of delicious recipes that are free for all.

I also believe it would help you to join out Daily Diary for ongoing support and ideas :)

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Tweedygirl in reply to moreless

I’ve signed up.. the videos are so interesting

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Minniewinny5 stone

Wishing you success in finding what plan suits you best 👍🏼

I find the higher protein meals keep me fuller for longer.. but we are all different.

I also found the really helpful in understanding different food groups.

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

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Tweedygirl in reply to Minniewinny

Thank you so much, the diet doctor is great! I feel real motivation after reading these replies x

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Hi. For me the problem is fitting food choices around my husband worse if you have small children as well. So I use the bbc good food site. All calories are listed so it makes it easy to keep track and there's variety. also log all my food on My fitness pal. But I come on healthunlocked for the best support and encouragement. Good luck

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Tweedygirl in reply to hjskev

Thank you, yes I’m the same as I have kids and husband and husband doesn’t need to diet! So hard to get the balance

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Tweedygirl in reply to hjskev

I’m going to try diet doctor xx I think I will go with the 15 min meals and see if that helps 😊

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I so with you on this much of the time I’m just overwhelmed by everything so I give in and eat 😞

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Tweedygirl in reply to Beaham

Yes that’s sooo it!!! I just want a simple plan hahaha

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I was guided on 12-1400 cals per day by MyFitnessPal free app . My simple rule was 3 decent meals a day and no snacks . Hard at first but your body does adjust . So mornings is a bowl of porridge made with water simply microwaved for about 2 mins with a dollop of full fat plain Greek yogurt and fresh fruit of choice . I have a Dolce gusto coffee with half teaspoon of sugar . Lunch is lean meat with loads of salad . Sometimes a squirt of low cal salad cream but can overcome with pickled beetroot or onions . Tinned tuna or any fish is a staple as is cottage cheese . Lidl I have found isn’t watery . I have a pack of pea sticks or Quavers sometimes or 2 ryvita like crackers . Tea / whole meal pasta with loads of veg and herbs / spices and never a jar of pasta sauce - just tinned tomatoes . If it does lack flavour then add a veg oxo cube . They have low salt option .. or grilled meat . I like baked beans , sweet or jacket potato . Frozen fish but only with breadcrumbs if at all . Low cal tonic water with ice and lemon or berry fruit tea . Bedtime craving I sip low cal hot chocolate. This is a for life choice so I ban nothing. Don’t eat as often but a treat day I need but randomly. I don’t notice the weight difference if done this way . We need a sociallife . Most friends - I don’t even say I am cal counting . I don’t cut any foods or groups out but watch over processed and hidden sugar . If MFP states 1 tin is laden with salt - like Heinz Spaghetti which is one of my exhaustion lazy foods then I have half a tin . I have the odd bread roll and a bar of chocolate but factor this in to a longish walk as I don’t minus calories off for exercise. Try You Tube for exercise. I love Zumba which helped my 61 year old knees and as weight comes off your knees get better . Ask me anything but I maintain a 18kg weight loss with ease .

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Tweedygirl in reply to focused1

Aww this is so lovely that you have taken the time to write such a long reply. This sounds doable!! I will do just this ! Thank you x I need to lose 5 stone but 3 would be nice and put me in a comfortable place. Thank you again

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TGA15Restart April 2022 in reply to focused1

This is really helpful advice with some great ideas. Thank you for posting this.

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to TGA15

Hi TGA15 it's great to see you back. I'm sure that you can remember your way around but if you can't I suggest that you begin at the pinned posts. Just click on the link below, scroll down until you find a post which interests you, click on the title to open the post. If you want to see another one just start again.

As always we find that participation is the key to success. The Daily Diary and the weekly Weigh In are very good places to begin.

Good luck 🍀

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Please let us know how you get on and no question is a daft question so type away . I skip ads on TV and only shop when I have eaten with my list but any offers etc I will buy if suitable. I find the discounters help me not be tempted as much . I have saved money too which I save and this gives me the incentive plus great for those pop up clothes sales as all my wardrobe was black and baggy which actually made me look larger . Eggs are great too . I scramble with just a bit of water adding paprika and herbs . It is usually the butter and milk and hard cheese I added to eggs which were the killers .Most unprocessed food is great if you cook it without rich sauce and my used to go to butter and oils although a dressing with oil, vinegar , herbs is tasty . Asda do a good Chinese 5 spice which is great for flavouring turkey steaks which are lower in fat than chicken and a 3 pack from Lidl has 3 big ones in it . You are making a start which is the hardest thing to do . Great !!

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hjskevMaintainer in reply to focused1

Hi Would you friend me on My Fitness pal please? I only have one friend who is current on there and he's an American man and his food log isn't open to view. I would love a friend who eats uk food and logs that I can identify with.

If so how can I find you on there?

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Tweedygirl in reply to hjskev

Yes of course x that would be great, I will work out how to add you

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Tweedygirl in reply to focused1

I feel so motivated since writing the post, thank you all so much for your kind words and help 😊

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focused1Maintainer in reply to Tweedygirl

Let us all know how you are getting on . Some weeks when I ate well and exercised I lost nothing but hormones , water etc all have an effect but you will feel healthier for doing it too .

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Just to say try to get husbands on board. It's always so much harder if one is trying to change eating habits and partners are blithely stuffing themselves with what you're trying to do without. Apart from anything else, it's just a wee bit selfish when you're crying out for surgical support...

The three meal a day and no snacking thing, as mentioned here, is such an important start, and a big step for some. Meanwhile, in my experience it's better to go gradually so you don't fail the new regime, then feel disappointed in yourself. - always a lousy feeling. Try five days of good diet - plenty of veg and some fruit with good quality meat or fish, if you're not veggie/vegan - then allow a few naughty things in small quantities at the weekend, as long as you're not pigging out on them. I would still say avoid snacking, even on slightly naughty days.

Get that husband onside! Five days a week of good fruit, and veg and no fast food will do him the world of good too, even if he thinks it's not necessary - I bet it is, even if just for his health and fitness and not for the way he thinks he looks.

Oodles of Good Luck to you. We've all been there and some of us will be there more than once in the future. You can do it!

love Betty

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Tweedygirl in reply to BerlinBetty

Thank you so much! I’ve watched the keto videos on diet doctor too and I feel much more motivated now x I need to do this for so many reasons! Thank you x

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Scaffie2 stone

Hi Tweedy Girl, I have lost 1 stone 9lb in the last 60 weeks. Slow because I am nearly 60. I eat a totally normal diet.

I have learnt a couple of things on my journey. I have done WW, RC, SW and this is the only one that has worked.

try to eat like a skinny, leaving food on my plate when I am full.

no longer misery eat.

be committed to signing in here, I'm a Wednesday Wobbler, every week come what may.

have a fitbit which helps me see when I am not doing enough exercise.

I found an online exercise class which is free and if you pm me I can tell you about it.

upped my walking

I also had knee problems but mine, although they felt skeletal were actually muscular and sports massage and exercise sorted them. Dr's don't really do soft tissue and physio's are limited but a very good elbow form a sports massage is extremely helpful.

I am eating smaller portions and weigh myself strictly ONLY once a week at the same time, before shower, after loo before cup of coffee.

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

everything else is in your head.

You cannot have a treat every day

All the best

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BJ20204st 7lbs

Good luck with your weight loss journey I too have put on since Jan 2021. I started my weight loss journey in Dec 2019 at 18st 5 and lost 6st 3 in 13 months to Jan 2021 at 12st 2.

Since then I have gained to 13st 5, lost to 12st 3 and gained again to 13st 8, currently 13st 6.

The meal plan I have decided to go back to is as follows.

Breakfast x2 fried eggs on x1 whole meal bread


Quaker oats


Tuna sandwich (wholemeal bread)


Hot and spicy/Chicken noodles


X3 pieces of chicken pieces, handful of chips and 1/2 plate of veg


Healthy fish, handful of chips and 1/2 plate of veg.


Green Tea



When I say 1/2 I am using smaller plates I have no big plates in the house anymore.

Good luck.

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I'm using my Fitness Pal to keep on top of the 1400 calories, and trying to reduce carbs. Breakfast is usually greek yogurt with fruit.

Lunch is a salad with meat and eggs. Will turn into soup soon.

Tea is a normal family friendly meal which I adapt for my serving so reduce potatoes or pasta and add an extra portion of veg. Keeps everyone happy that way and I don't have to cook anything separate 😊

BridgeGirl profile image

I think you'll find this post very encouraging

cpidoc profile image

Take a look at this: Google Dr David Unwin and low carb.

He is really inspiring, imo. Don't be put off by the Diabetes reference.

Good luck!

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tubbymummyRestart May 2022

Hi. I have just read this and feel I can really identify with your comments. I just wondered how you are doing now? Hope you are well.

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How are you getting on Tweedygirl? I feel very similar to you. I just don't want to think about food anymore!

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