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Posts Turned Off.

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serenam2021 July

Friday weigh ins post turned off by the time I'm ready to log in my weigh in. Second week in a row :/. Cannot share.

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That's because it's not Friday. The forum follows UK time and weigh ins open at 9p.m. on the evening before and run for 24 hours. The Friday weigh in will open in three hours.

Is it already Friday with you?

I'm in the US too. I try-and sometimes fail-to post between 7-10 pm my time. I am in EST.Nice to meet you. Max

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serenam2021 July in reply to Maxy6

Hi Max, do you post 7-10pm on Thursdays? Ah, yes that makes sense, I'll try to get better at that.

I am here now. I did post earlier today as I had time.

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