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Ndaa2021 May

Hi there!

I'm a new member & I would like to know whether there is someone in here who has lost at least 5kg & if so,how long did it take & what exercises were mostly effective?

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Hello and welcome, Ndaa :)

Yes, there are many members who have lost 5kgs and much more. As you find your way around the forum, you'll see a badge by people's names showing their weight loss. The most effective way of losing weight is by changing what and how you eat, as that's what's made you overweight. Exercise has many benefits and can help you get in shape but you won't get far without tackling the eating. Here's a straightforward plan you might like phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

You'll find everything you need for the forum in Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/weight-l... I recommend joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice - why not today? - and using the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans.

Our most successful members are active participants, joining in clubs and challenges: I hope you'll join them :)

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Ndaa2021 May in reply to BridgeGirl

Much appreciated, thanks a lot

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Ndaa

You're welcome :) Have a good look around

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YoYo802 stone

Welcome! Have you chosen a weigh in day yet? It’s my weigh in tomorrow- the Monday Mass Movers are a lovely, supportive bunch. Hope to see you around and best of luck👍

Hi Ndaa. The links shared by Bridgegirl are an excellent place to start this journey. I have lost the 6kg between Jan and May 2021 and had a knee replacement done inbetween.

Food wise I have done this by eating 3 meals, limited snacks and following a reduced carb (aim for 100g carbs per day) plan that is on my profile and supplied by a dietician. healthunlocked.com/weight-l.......

Exercise.... well, I don't do exercise, I just aim to move more each day. This may be just by walking more, sitting on my exercise bike while watching TV and in the last 3weeks I have started including 2 visits to the swimming pool where I do the exercises given to me at the hospital and do a little swimming.

The daily diary posts and the weekly weigh ins have kept me on track, and when I am struggling, I pop on here and by reading (and often replying) to the daily chats and other messages help reframe my mind to continue my slow and steady progress.

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I am 61 and started on a weight loss journey in Jan 2018 after surgery for hiatus hernia which was a wake up call as weight slowly crept on and on and on . I lost on average about 2lbs a week - sometimes frustratingly nothing . Maybe about 8 months to shed and keep off 18kg as some weeks - yes I was amazed . Simply 1400 cals per day monitored by Myfitnesspal app as I am only 5 ft 1 tall . 3 meals of 400 , 400 , 600 including low cal tonic water and the odd low cal hot choc drink . Balanced food so I don't cut out food groups . Example - porridge made with water with a dollop of full fat Greek plain yogurt plus 1 piece of fruit and a fruit tea , no sugar . Lunch large very mixed salad ..leaves , cucumber , beetroot , pepper , tomato , onion , grated carrot with 150g of plain full fat cottage cheese sprinkled with paprika and herbs or can of drained tuna. Evening meal - chicken or fish with loads of mixed veg - can do frozen or fresh . Handful of almonds , or lentil / pea snacks . Exercise - at least 3 walks of at least 3 miles each and walk to shops , library or park / walk You Tube - . Zumba - try Irina for a good 1 hour workout .

I now have odd treat then walk it off . So odd wine , bar choc etc . For me not punishment but a lifestyle I love . Clothes fit well and knee problems vanished as I am not dragging round 9kg per knee .

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Just in case you needed any more encouragement to give this free forum a try...

I started here at the beginning of september last year weighing 153kg and being referred, by and on a consultants advice, to the bariatric surgeons. I haven't needed to see the surgeons. I've done it with this forum and a few very close friends. I started out on the nhs 12 week plan calorie counting then transitioned to low carb/healthy fats. At my weigh in last monday i weighed 92.7kg. That's a fab 60kg loss and incidently i measured my waist the other day and that has reduced from 63" to 45'. 18 inches smaller.

To add to that lol, i was practically immobile til this year due to a knee injury. The injury is still there (i'm waiting for an op) but did manage to increase walking from 3,000 steps a day to over 10,000 until recent problems with my good knee have slowed me down again. Exercise is great for toning but its the food that does the work.

Do give it some thought and best wishes to you 💖 xx

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Ndaa2021 May in reply to springersrule

Thanks for the encouragement

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focused1Maintainer in reply to springersrule

Never knew your journey springersrule . It is absolutely amazing .

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springersruleModerator in reply to focused1

Thank you focused, its been a challenge but mainly fun at the same time 😊 xx

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focused1Maintainer in reply to springersrule

Me too but it's just getting into a routine . For me like starting a new job . Week 1 planning , balancing and looking everywhere and anywhere for ideas. By the next month I stopped weighing food , shopped after I had eaten and got used to a menu where I didn't have to calorie count as much .

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springersruleModerator in reply to focused1

Oh definitely. I think of it as writing a story 😁 xx

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MezzoSoprano2021 May in reply to springersrule

This gives me great heart. I have just yesterday started with the NHS pre diabetes 12 week course. I am at 210lbs and want to get to 150lbs. I have in the past last year for eg done well with just calorie counting and exercise, losing 18 lbs from a 14stone starting place, but this last lockdown was not good for me. Did fine in the first one but not now. So, just joined. First day. Your post has been good to see for me. Helps me know its doable.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to MezzoSoprano

Welcome aboard :)

I see you've joined the Wednesday Wobblers weigh in: good move, they're a great team. We ask everyone to reply to at least three others so we share the support around, and it's the best way to get to know the team so I hope you'll get back there later and have a chat

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springersruleModerator in reply to MezzoSoprano

Thank you MezzoSoprano. Oh anything is possible 😁 The lockdown has caused many problems for many people so don't feel that you are alone in that. The important thing is that you're made a start. The next is to keep trying no matter what. This forum is a godsend and you'll get lots of help and support here. Best of luck xx

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Ladytrucker12021 April

Hi Ndaa. I have. I lost nearly 9 kg in 6weeks. 19 lbs in my language. I am down for an opp and was given 6 weeks tk lose 14lbs or my opp would be cancelled. Well I achieved that and some. I have my pre opp appointment kn the 26th May so still have to watch what I eat. But tbh uts given me a kick start to lose even more. I plan on losing another 5 stone by Christmas. Trust me it can be doneI have 45g muesli for brekkie. Salad for lunch and a balance meal in the eve ing. Drinks loads of water. Ues I do pee a lot. A downs side. And if I feel peckish I have a aplen low calorie bar just 65 calories. I walk between 30 and 60 mins a day depending on my work.

Thjs site is so supportive. Far better than ww or slimming world as they are all routing for you to succeed and are there everyday. Its just great

Hope you can join us

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You have probably been told this loads of times but just be careful you get the right nutrients and you aren't starving yourself especially if you up the exercise . I now weigh between 62- 64kg which isn't super slim for my height 5ft 1 but it is comfortable with what I want without a lifestyle being a controlling nightmare especially as I am getting invites to eat out once again . You will see your fitness levels getting better if you do this in a way where your body thrives from the goodness of the food . My hair looks better and I haven't had any skin problems . If you are not feeling energised then maybe eat a little more and increase the exercise . Browse through You Tube as there is everything on it and it is free.

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lea57-49r3st 7lbs

Hi Ndaa

I wish you the very best on your weight loss journey. To date I’ve lost 3st 8.5lbs. To get to this, I’ve made permanent long term changes to what I eat and love what I eat and feel satisfied. I don’t regard myself as being on a diet.

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Plenty of people who lost at least 5 kg, and even quite a few people who lost 50-70kg 😊 I was 135.4 kg in July 2019, and 64.3 kg Monday just gone. The only thing I did in terms of physical exercises was walking. I do walk a minimum 10000 steps a day, but it’s more often about 14000. For the last few weeks I’ve been doing daily plank for 2 minutes on top on my walking. Oh, and occasional hula hooping :) That’s all in terms of my exercises.

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