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Hello, I am new to the community and I am very excited.

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Sierra7272021 January

Today I had a rough day, I finally decided to overcome my fear of the scale, and now I know I gain almost 33 pounds (15Klg) during this quarantine. Almost none of my pants fit me and I am really y spiraling into a very dark place.

So I decided something needs to change, and I am taking some time to find healthy sources of information and motivation to begin my weight journey TODAY!

*And I found this place☺

I hope I can stick with it and I'll let you know how I am doing....

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Welcome along, you've come to the right place ! Would you like to join us on our weigh in? Here's the link, hope to see you there! :-) x


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Hello and welcome Sierra727

You have come to the right place for information, motivation and support :)

Here is the link to all of the information you will need to navigate the forum, which is best achieved by using the full web site not the app. Please take the time to read the Welcome newbie post,


You will see that we have a lot of Events, Clubs and Challenges for you to take part in and recommend that you at least join a Weigh In day of your choice and the Daily Diary.

If you haven’t already taken it, here is a link to a tour of the forum,


Participation is key to success, we all benefit from encouragement and support. By joining in you will build friendships with like minded people and find plenty of inspiration along the way :)

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

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lea57-49r3st 7lbs

Welcome Sierra727 and I wish you the very best on your weight loss journey.

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Welcome to this fantastic support forum . If you check in regularly and participate you’ll get all the support you will ever need. Good luck😊

You’ve come to the right place.I suggest you make realistic changes and have a clear plan about what you will eat when

Preparation is the secret forward plan all your meals and shop accordingly.

Your biggest friend will be self discipline

Good luck

Best wishes


Welcome Sierra727. Best of luck to you.

Well done for jumping in here. It's only been 7 weeks for me so far but its helped enormously. Good luck.

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Susasha1st 7lbs

Welcome Sierra277. A daily read in this place will keep you going on your weight loss journey. Good luck! 😊

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Welcome aboard. You will get plenty of help and support on here. Small steps is always best and check in everyday to see how others are doing it. You will soon find what works for you. We are all different but you will not be judged on here just lots of support

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