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10 Authentic Fat Loss Tips



I've just been watching this and found a few of the tips helpful.

There's something for everyone.

Hope it helps.

MintTea :)

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Thanks, MTM, he seems to have lots of helpful, psychological tips :)

Some things seem odd to me, though, like equating appetite with emotional hunger: that doesn't make much sense: appetite is a natural, healthy desire to satisfy a need for food: the problem is we have lost a true sense of appetite by poor food choices and non-stop eating throughout the day (I agree with what he says about hunger). Also his emphasis on calories and calorie deficit without highlighting that "a calorie is a calorie" is an illusion: that's a missed opportunity

MintTeaMascara6lbs in reply to BridgeGirl

No problem.

I didn't think everyone would agree but nonetheless some great tips and something for everyone :)

I think a lot of what he said makes sense but certainly some bits i wouldnt agree with. Interesting nonetheless 😊 Thanks for posting MintTea xx

No problem :)

Thanks for this. A couple of "lightbulb" moments there for me.

MintTeaMascara6lbs in reply to toomuchwool

Definitely - Same

Thanks for sharing - brief and clear, very useful reminders.

MintTeaMascara6lbs in reply to N-o-r-d-i


EchoS12020 September

Thank you for posting this.

MintTeaMascara6lbs in reply to EchoS1

You're welcome


Honestly, I would take weightloss tips from fitness coaches with a grain of salt. There are a few of these guys I follow on YouTube who know their onions ... when it comes to exercise and muscle physiology. Daniel does too; all his tips in that regard are spot-on, and the video is worth watching for those. But most of them don't know much about metabolic dysfunction because it isn't taught in gym-rat school. So they just repeat the echo-chamber creed about calories and eating less. The funny thing is that I've never met a gym rat who follows his own advice about eating less. They eat astounding amounts of food. And they still stay slim, thus demonstrating that their advice is wrong.

Their weight loss tips work only for young(ish) men who spend half the day in the gym, and they only work in the sense that those people can eat pretty much anything and still keep a low bodyfat ratio. Diets based on rules about "calories" will work a lot less well (or they won't work at all) for (say) the average middle-aged office worker whose only exercise is walking to the car and back.

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