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Gio3212020 November

Hey guys. I’m new here. I’m hoping by joining this community I will be motivated to lose some weight and get back to exercise. Strange times nowadays. I hope you are all getting through it ok.

Start weight -72.4kg

Weight today -72.4kg

I’m hoping to lose 0.5lb-1lb per week.



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Here is the link to todays weigh in. Come and join us. We are a friendly group and you will get lots of support.


Hi, I've just replied to you on the weigh in :)

Re motivation, that means your reason for doing something so it comes from within and is individual to you. Maybe give some thought to why you want to lose weight, what difference it will make to you, what you have to gain and what you have to lose. Some members like to put it in writing and keep it somewhere as a permanent reminder.

All the best


Hi Gio321. Welcome to this amazing group of people that are so willing to share great advice and experience to exactly the problems that we all share or have shared in some way. You will find as much advice and support as you need and nobody will judge you as we all make mistakes and have weaknesses. Treat the future as the new you, not as a diet. It doesn’t matter if you lose 0.5lb per week of stay the same. It doesn’t even matter if you put on weight from time to time, because we all do. What matters is that you change over time and the ultimate objective is where you end up not the humps and bumps you suffered along the way. I personally haven’t lost huge amount so far but feel so different. I’ve started to exercise again and I’m loving it and my body feels the change even if the scales don’t show huge losses. I know I will get there, and so will you. Good luck x

Gio3212020 November

Hi Dave1000.Thanks for the lovely reply and insight. I know that when I’m exercising too that I’m not so fixated on weight loss and the scales. I’m more focused on good habits and how I am feeling while eating well and exercising. With these restrictions my exercise pattern and eating habits have just shifted a bit so I’m not feeling great. I’m similar to you in that my weight hasn’t drastically changed. I’ve just gained a few pounds and I’m not working out much so I would like to get back to training and feeling in shape.

Hope you are feeling well and having a lovely weekend Dave1000.

Gio321 😊

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Hi, to help you could join us on our Daily Diary and post your menu for tomorrow? Here's the link, I hope to see you there :-) x

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