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My favourite breakfast!


Creamy porridge with cinnamon, yoghurt, fruit & seeds.

I love this breakfast and have it a lot so I make 4 portions at a time (320cals per portion)

It’s 4oz dried porridge made with water, pinch of salt & hefty dash of sweet cinnamon. Allow to cool a little and add 3oz yoghurt per portion. I use alpro soya & coconut but any low calorie will do.

This makes 4 portion at a time so I weigh it , divide by 4 and pop it in the fridge. It will set and keep for 5 days.

On the morning I simply weigh out a portion, add another 3oz yoghurt so it’s lovely and thick & creamy.

Cold is good or warm a little in the microwave.

Chop 6oz fruit of choice, top with 1/2 Oz mixed seeds and nuts of choice. I use coconut, hemp hearts, pumpkin & pecans. It’s so filling and yummy!

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springersruleLeek Off Winner

That looks absolutely delicious Sabby, what a great way to start your day xx

Sabby2021Maintainer in reply to springersrule

Thanks! It’s so yummy! Xx

This is my favourite breakfast but yours looks more colourful than mine. Fills me up nicely x

It looks so vibrant! 🙂

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