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Gorgeous dress waiting on a hanger


Good morning team weightloss. I've just joined, I've got a gorgeous dress to wear to a Christmas party and no chance of shimmying into it. Radical changes necessary. I've measured my waist with a piece of string, now on my bedroom door, reward cutting six inches off the string and a keep sake to remind me not to go there again! I've printed off a diet from the web to help me follow an eating plan for the first week, so far so good, lost 2lbs. No alcohol, butter, chocholate, milk, potatoes, etc, it is going to be a tough week, we shall see if it is worth it. Only another eleven to go!!!

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Lily59Restart March 2021

Good luck! :)


Hi and welcome, puddingonweight :)

The dress will be a great motivator, but I'm not so sure about the diet. Diets generally have a start and an end, which leads to yoyo dieting and an increasing waistline and number on the scales. Why not aim for a sustainable healthier lifestyle, with weight loss as the happy side-effect? :)

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Wishing you all the best :)

puddingonweight2kg in reply to moreless

Thank you

Hi, puddingonweight, Welcome.

I love your username... and it seems that you know what to avoid!


Find out what works for you, but try and not see it as a chore if you can. 🙂


I have an ongoing saga here about I dress I bought 12(?) years ago and haven't had the heart to throw out ... I'm really close to being able to wear it again so I'm proof it can be done!

Hi puddingonweight

Brave to try to cut out all those things at the same time. I could manage to give up the chocolate but would struggle with the rest. Did go to Asda this morning and avoid the bread counter though. Had an omelette with cherry tomatoes and spring onions for lunch with a bag of steamed veg. Would have preferred a tin of beans and sausages on toast though!! Good luck! I will follow your progress.

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