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Trying to kick the habit...

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Of drinking too much soda. I've narrowed it down to about a six pack of soda every two days... I know I know... too much. Drinking a LOT of water, about two gallons a day...much more than I ever drank before, but it's the soda that's keeping my stomach round..

Other wise my diet is pretty clean: tuna in water, chicken breasts, a cup or two of white rice, beans...and some vegetables mixed in.

Not really counting calories, because the only thing I consider sweet is the soda..

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How about banning soda from the house, then you can’t drink it!

Don’t be fooled into thinking there is no sugar in your food. Carbs such as rice are turned into sugar and spike our insulin levels helping us to crave more and not filling us up.

Thanks for that chart! I didn't realize that about rice. Banning the Soda won't work, as I can always drive down to the quick mart for a refill. But you did give me an idea about buying singles rather than six packs!

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cheritorroxMaintainer in reply to krazeeartist

could be worse - could be having crisps or choc with each one!

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IvanTheHorribleMaintainer in reply to krazeeartist

Try coffee with cream instead of soda. It's maybe partly just a habit of drinking something, and substituting a less-fattening drink will help.

Your diet is definitely part of the problem here though - it sounds dangerously deficient in fat, so you're not only going to have problems with vitamin absorption, your body is going to endlessly crave a sugar hit (it is, after all, getting no other source of energy). Cut back on things like rice and try adding skin-on chicken portions instead of breast, eggs, cheese, Greek yoghurt, and similar. These will keep you full, for longer, and you'll be less inclined to snack or drink pop.

Does your Soda contain sugar? If it does, how about changing to diet soda, either as a step-down to kicking it altogether or just as a way to cut the calories/sugar?

I don't often have soda but I like the fizziness of it so I often buy carbonated water and have that, either plain or combined with lemon or a (tiny) amount of fruit juice. WOuld that help you at all?

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lucigretAdministrator in reply to bikegrrrl

Carbonated water is a really good idea :)

Yeah it is. Totally forgot about that! Thanks!

I don't really like the taste of diet soda. To my taste buds they actually have more sugar in them than regular, and are listed as possible cancer promoting.

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bikegrrrlHost in reply to krazeeartist

Fair enough.

at least you have recognized you have a problem with soda. have you tried iced tea? I know everyone thinks I am crazy when I say that but it is a good replacement. I drink it all day after coffee in the morning. keep posting, we are non judgmental here and will help you all we can. chin up!!!

Oh I love anything that can (and should) replace soda! Though I tend to like sweetened ice tea more! LOL

I drink unsweet tea as I have since I was little. if you want to, you could try it or at least maybe cut back on the sugar a little at a time? I am so wanting to get sugar out of my diet and having a terrible time so any advice anyone can give I am up for it

Yes! Exactly what I am aiming for, is to cut it out a little at a time. For right now I've decided no soda at all after 5 p.m. and limiting myself to about 2 bottles a day (or less)

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bikegrrrlHost in reply to krazeeartist

Sounds like you are on your way to cracking this! Sending you good vibes, keep going.

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