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Daily Diary confessions


Hi everyone!

I try to post as often as i can in the Daily Diary to help me be a little more accountable for what i eat. Im very good at planning my meals ahead of time and buying what i need. I tend to factor in any snacks and work out the calories with My Fitness Pal. However, on occasion i do make changes or my plans are changed at the last minute for some reason or another and i cant always stick to it & i wondered if there is somewhere we can say if what we planned was what we actually ended up having as i thought this may help point out some of the areas where some of us go wrong!

What does everyone think?

Or is everyone much better and have more willpower thn me? 😂

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Most people post any changes on the DD, Misslovely and you can post there as many times as you wish :)

Misslovely6lbs in reply to moreless

Ahh i thought it got locked?

morelessAdministrator in reply to Misslovely

When one is locked, another is opened, so just write your changes there :)

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