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Exercise with M.E ?


Morning all,

so I haven't been on here in a while and had a bad few months eating well wise, although I haven't binged or been really bad it's just a bit of a I don't care much what I have eaten last few months (if that makes sense)

now I am trying to start again including exercise but I find it really difficult to exercise due to suffering from M.E/CFS - makes life difficult, for example on sat morning I felt pretty motivated so had healthy breakfast and decided to do a 10 minute workout on Jessie Pavelka website, done the warm up then about 5 of the 10 minute workout and that wiped me out for sat and sunday ! which is pathetic, I know I am extremely unfit but having that 5/10 min workout and my CFS making me feel so tired for 2 whole days is crazy.

anyone have any suggestions that could help to be more active without it knocking me out for few days?? I know it's hard having an illness but I don't want it to stop me. I do try to go for a walk around the grounds of the hospital on my breaks at work. (work in a hospital) but always worried that will knock me out for the PM of my working day.

thanks all

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Good to see you back, Kerry :)

If I was you, I wouldn't worry too much about exercise. For weight loss, your diet is the most important aspect to crack and there's little point doing 5 - 10 minutes of exercise, then being unfit for anything for 2 days.

Concentrate on what you're eating and the pounds will start to fall :)

Why not log onto the Daily Diary, see what others are eating, then post your own menus? That way, we'll be able to offer pertinent advice and you may be more likely to stick to your plan, if you've declared it to others :)

Hello kerry09

I'm inclined to agree with moreless on the excercise front.

I'm a fellow M.E sufferer and I can't manage more than a few gentle stretches on very good days.

Newme551st 7lbs

Hi Kerry, don't worry about the exercise, I'm severely disabled and can't exercise either but since Jan I've lost one and a half stone, I'm doing it by eating moderately low carb, I don't count calories I just stick to low carb healthy eating, if I can loose weight doing this kind of eating anyone can.

I set small goals of half a stone at a time and it seems to be working.

I think if you try moderately low carb eating and just forget exercise for now and see how you go.

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