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Eating all my cals?

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Sorry 1st day and have questions running about in my head but the one I am having real trouble with finding the answer to is "do you have to eat all of you allocated calories"? So if I get to the end of the day and have 200 cals left for example should I be looking at eating those 200 cals in a healthy way? Or just leave it? I have read you can mess your metabolism up if you don't?

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Bintheredonethat2021 February

That's something that's been on my mind.. I have seen posts here where they say they save Calories left over for a treat or if they're going out for special occasions... My lower end of my calorie intake for the day is 1,835 but I struggle to reach that daily.. with the healthy foods I like... But never have banked the left over calories...

I have tried many different 'diets over the years and they have different rules! I would hope if you are having an evening out and you choose to have more than your calories you can lower them the following day!

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You don't want to get too obsessive with your calorie counting, or stuffing yourself silly because of the numbers, but you shouldn't regularly eat too little, or your body will get used to the lower amount and adjust, so that you'll have to keep decreasing, to stay ahead, until one day, you'll crack, because you're starving!

It's so easy to increase calories, without increasing bulk. Add some natural fats to your diet, eg, nuts, avocado, cheese, cream, butter, olive oil, etc.

Read this for a more in-depth explanation

moreless has given you a very good answer and I just wanted to check where you got your calorie limit from.

Thank you for your replies, I read on the NHS page it should be 1400 for women? Hope thats right 🤔

Ah! Just had a look and it says to use the calculator (i used this when i did the 5:2 diet) so i am allowed more than 1400???

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Ali_B621 stone

Did you do the BMI calculator? That gives you a range and I understand that you are meant to go for the higher part of the range. At the moment I am trying to do that and still finding it difficult to reach the higher figure! Ali :-)

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