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Single people and weight loss.


In my efforts to start my new life where I now live is totally satisfying and making new friends in the community is great, however, this often takes me to popular meeting places, like a pub or Slimming World meetings.

Often in pubs alcoholic beverages are provided by friends which does not help the waistline other than having sugar free beverages.

As an alternative it means being alone to concentrate on the weight loss at home. Socialising can sometimes be a hindrance to weight loss and feelings of anxiety can defeat self confidence causing the consumption of too much of the correct foods and this defeats the objective for weight loss.

There also is not sufficient variety of low fat foods and salads in smaller packages for singletons to choose from in supermarkets, these usually come in family packs of which is often wasteful if one lives alone, requesting supermarket assistance would affect their balance sheets and the “great god” profit wins again.

Life goes on and one must be self assertive to keeping on track with eating and drinking but adhering to advice provided by those who have experienced the same problems and successfully achieved their weight targets.

Here goes towards success !!!

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Some very true points made TinnerVich

I guess the ready made salad tubs for lunch boxes could be classed as a single portion, as long as you like the contents..

Social events and meeting places don't focus on healthy eating and alcohol has never been a slimmer's helper.. But it's not impossible to navigate with a little thought and forward planning!

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

I usually use the smaller salad meals with a jacket potatI and low fat sauces replacing the sauces in the container that can have many calories. Following Slimming World advice is my only way to my weight target and I will get there one day.

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to TinnerVich

We are very happy on the forum to cheer you on as you move towards your goals.. Stick with it and learn from the journey so you never have to repeat this again!

LivbikeMaintainer in reply to Minniewinny

Stick with it and learn from the journey so you never have to repeat this again! I like that phrase a lot!

I used to buy the "family sized" packs and eat the lot... Shortly before I decided that I did care, and I wanted to loose weight, I ate a whole camembert as a mid-afternoon snack!

You can buy packets of portions of, e.g. white fish... I usually coat them in olive oil, wrap them in foil and bake them, otherwise they shrink in the cooking.

Anything else includes gluten, or fattening sauces ...processed garbage!

Drink tonic water with a slice of lemon - they will think it is gin-and-tonic!

It is odd, is it not, that it is only socially acceptable to not drink alcohol ...if you are a reformed alcoholic?

Having been a life-time tea-totalled is not cool at all.

Binky682st 7lbs in reply to S11m

A whole Camembert !!! That’s my kind of cheese feast !!!

S11m in reply to Binky68

That was the week I discovered I have gout… cheese is one of the main triggers.

MissisBAdministrator in reply to S11m

Looks as if thinking and research on this has moved on S11m as, far from causing gout flare ups, studies now show that eating cheese and all other dairy products may actually reduce your risk of developing gout, and no longer features on the lists of foods for people with gout to avoid at all.

A whole Camembert may not be the best way to start, but you can certainly return to eating cheese, knowing that you can eat it without guilt or concerns it will upset your gout.

Binky682st 7lbs

Better and more environmentally friendly to buy in bulk not plastic.

It is hard as a single person , but equally I have to live with a partner constantly bagging that I won’t go out for dinner or cook food he wants ; he also brings food into the house which is a constant temptation.

I’d embrace taking this time for yourself and make friends at gym with similar interests to support you through these times.

Fran182716Restart August 2020

Buying food for one can be difficult and not so economical as bulk buying it takes forward planning and restraint in the supermarket! I live with my 3 adult sons but as far as healthy food goes a lot of what I eat is only me that eats it and I don't like wasting food so I'm trying to plan a bit better. My worst wastage is salad and fruit because I like having a variety available but I just dont get through it before it begins to wilt so I'm trying to think "ok I'll have this this week, and that next week" also cooking the produce before it goes off will help it last a couple more days in the fridge or it can be frozen. Choosing things where you can eat a couple of portions and freeze the rest. Buying food to cook meals that you can eat some, freeze some.

With the socialising Someone else may be able to offer advice as I rarely go to pubs nowadays, that does sound difficult, it's possible to have sugar free soft drinks but can see that's difficult if you feel anxious and there's social pressure to have alcohol. Maybe your social life needs some changes, maybe meet other people doing an activity rather than just going to the pub with no focus other than talking and drinking? Good luck.

Hidden in reply to Fran182716

Some great advice - i just cook for myself and do all the above. Use my freezer, cook things off if they are in the fridge and then freeze once cooked to extend food life.

I think i'd struggle more if i had more people to think of - well, more go off track keeping it healthy!

13ValerieHealthy BMI

Best wishes on your new life. Maybe you could let your friends know that you are losing weight and ask them for support

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