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World Environment Day 2018 – Beat Plastic Pollution

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Plastic has become a menace because it is nonbiodegradable in nature. Humans are using plastic – a material that lasts forever – for designing products that have a utility for a limited period. Annually, we use nearly 5 trillion disposable bags made out of plastic. On an average, a single person uses a plastic bag for 12 minutes, which takes nearly 500 years to decompose.

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Are you on the right forum?

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Hidden in reply to Tiggerr

Posts from that account seem to be popping up on every forum I have visited

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Tiggerr6kg in reply to Hidden

Ahh. As good a cause as it is, that just makes it spam :( ... unless someone can come up with a low cal nutritious diet of plastic.

Felt bad the way members reacted to this post. Yes, I shared this kind post in various communities because I was trying to spread awareness, and people liked the post and participated in it. What I have posted is a matter of grave concern for everyone.

But as my post is not about weight loss diet, members think my post is a spam. I would like to thank you as you noticed that I am not selling a product by the name "Environment".

Anyways, accept my apology for posting something not related to weight loss.

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