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Up and down


Hi everyone

Here I am, thinking today that I am just not able to lose weight. And it is all lack of will and lack of effort.

I weigh 84kgs (again) and need to lose 20.

I managed to lose weight (also about 20kg) about 6 years ago, before I got pregnant. So when I got pregnant I was 64kgs, pregnancy kilos went up ofc but I lost every single one of them and when my son was 6m I was back on my original weight, no troubles. But ever since then it has been going up and down. Sometimes down but Trendline has always been up. And now 4 years later I am at crazy 84kg.

I don't fit my clothes, I don't feel comfortable wearing any trousers, doing sporty activities and seeing my photos. It sucks.

I have been trying milion times over past year or two to start eating better and exercise, but it never lasts. They are minor successes, like 5kg down or stg. But it all ends and comes back again when I give up.

I have joined here few months ago, did 3 weigh ins and then it went all wrong again, I came back in another 4 weeks and stick for like 10 days and oops all wrong agàin. Here I am another 3-4 weeks later trying again since yesterday. But it is not simple.

I love food, I love cooking, I hate sports.

Yep amazing combination for overweight person. :D

I need motivation, or I don't know what

I tried small goals, small rewards, nothing seems to do the trick for me :-/

Now we are thinking of going to Tropical islands in Berlin in July and I simply cannot go out in swimsuit as it is now. :-/

I need some boost :)

Any ideas?

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My advice, for what it's worth, is to keep logging onto the forum. It will motivate, inspire and encourage you and will take up any nibbling time! :)

Loving food and loving cooking, is a perfect start!! There are thousands of healthy recipes you could be trying out!

You don't need to love sport! Just make a commitment to move more. Do you like dancing, gardening, walking, cycling, swimming, hula hooping, skipping, there are hundreds of things to choose from, just find one you like!

We have weigh-ins, daily diaries, challenges, clubs. We've covered all eventualities, you just need to get involved.

Onwards and downwards!!

PS I'll give you these, in case you've forgotten :)



Joanney695st 7lbs

I think your holiday should be the motivation you need - if you really want to lose weight, focus on how much better you would look and feel for doing something positive 😊 work out how long it will be to your holiday, and sensible goals along the way, so you feel like you're achieving it - not setting yourself up to fail. And, like moreless said, use this forum as often as you can, the support is fab 💪 😊 good luck 👍

I'm with moreless Simonaz about keeping using this forum.

This forum has a lot more to offer then you've currently made use off. Make a commitment to use the various events and challenges on a daily/weekly basis. I found that just the act of doing that has kept me going for over a year now as opposed to my not dissimilar failings that you've described.

Doing all that doesn't mean that you do perfectly all the time but it does mean that there are always people (friends) around you to haul you back on to the wagon, provide additional advice and motivation when it's not all going to plan.

I can totally understand what you are going through. I was at 60 even after delivery and now at 82 and struggling to reduce for last one year. But now I have shifted my focus from scales to size change. Though I'm at 82 I can fit in jeans size 12. This makes me feel happy.

I have also put on some motivational quotes near by bed....so that's the first thing I see when I get up. Honestly, this is making a big impact. I know why I started this routine at the first place.

Target your earlier clothes and inch loss. If possible try Surya Namaskar ---there are many videos showing steps how to do it. I do it 3 times a week at least 20 rounds and other days walk/run. Also, its 70% diet and 30% exercise so if you put your focus on cooking food (that you already like doing) which is less in calories, you will be covering 70% of changes required.

Plan your day in advance and then work on the plan :)

Good luck.

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