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Completely lost my mojo


I did a stupid thing when I was visiting my mum, I got talked into doing a well known diet plan with my sister. It was online at first then because I felt I was struggling I joined a local group. The minute the meeting started I knew I had made a mistake. I can’t be doing with public how much do you want to lose next week charades. I want hints and tips.

Well I’d been following the plan for two days when I got invited out to live band night at the Swing Arm. Needless to say I drank Diet Coke then found out I was going to the Hotel California. Fair enough me thinks. I discovered Bacardi was only 2.5 Syns instead of 3 Syns for my usual vodka . Bonus, I can still stay on plan and have a few drinks. Then I spied Karl pouring out shots..,,my daughter had ordered a round of shots! Ok I’ll have these then that’s it! My daughter’s friend ordered shots so I had to be polite and partake! Another round! I’m up to my syn total. Mum you don’t come out drinking with me that often now enjoy yourself. 6 rounds of shots and 5 Bacardi later and the night is over. We trundle over to McDonald’s which is the icing on the cake diet wise! 84.5 Syns consumed! 53 of them on a McDonald’s!! I confessed my error and was told to use “flexi Syns”. Basically draw a line under the day and start again! I ended up not going to weigh in because I had to wait in for a parcel being delivered.

A week on and I’m still struggling. My nights have been really busy and we’ve had some terrible cases this week. I’ve been getting my lunch at 5am when I finally back from transferring patients. I’m craving all sorts of rubbish.

I’m not going back to the meeting but need to find my mojo and a decent calorie counter.


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You've just made a huge step towards getting your mojo back by posting here Ali and you've drawn a line under your synning :)

You were using the DD at one stage, was there something about it that wasn't helping you plan your meals or wasn't working for you?

You can do this Ali, everyone here is always there for you.

Hidden in reply to Tiggerr

Well for starters I haven’t logged into this site since starting SW. I shouldn’t have been persuaded to join it again as it just doesn’t suit me. If the 12 week voucher hadn’t of had my name on it I would have gladly given it away to someone.

The fat free plan has left me feeling unsatisfied and I’m craving foods all of the time.

My fitness pal have had a security leak so I’m now reluctant to use that for tracking. Can you recommend a decent calorie counter? Once this set of nights is over with I will start back with the DD and hope to put my weekly planner to use.

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Hidden

I didn't know about a different cal counter but the mfp hack just seems to be a few minor things like emails and hashed passwords. Hopefully someone will come up with a different one for you.

Fat free? Geez! :)

Rooting for you!

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I’m going back to my full fat yogurt and back to the nhs plan. I felt satisfied and enjoyed it. At least DD made me think about what I was eating

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Hidden

Sounds like a plan.

rozwalts4 stone in reply to Hidden

Thinking about what you eat is have the battle I reckon.

Realthing2lbs in reply to Tiggerr

Hi Tiggerr thats alarming that mfp has had email & hashed passwords! Any more news on this or how many people been affected?

Great that your getting back on track Hidden ive had times like that but yes draw a line, get back on track and do the plan that suits you best. Sounds like the nhs as you’ve decided suits you best. Having been told you’ve had too many syns can do your head it! We all indulge in unhealthy eating at times ☺️ We’re human after all as the song goes 🤗

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Realthing

I wasn't aware until Ali mentioned it but found this...

Realthing2lbs in reply to Tiggerr

Thanks - have changed my password towards it! 👍

Rignold3kg in reply to Realthing

I’m not entirely sure how negatively it can impact my life if hackers know I ate 45g off of porridge for breakfast and an egg white omelette, tbh

Hidden in reply to Rignold

Yeah that’s one way to look at it 😂

MorvaridMaintainer in reply to Hidden

I use Lose it! And quite like it. Give it a try

Aisha387lbs in reply to Morvarid

Yeah I use Lose It too.

Good luck Hidden 😉 We are all in this together x

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You can look into cron-o-meter, but it will take some getting used to and started after using MFP (MFP say to change your password and it will be fine, but change your password for the email account you use to log on there too )

Hidden in reply to Hidden

I actually deleted my mfp account and set up a new one. I tried nutrachek and wasn’t keen. I’m also currently trying lose it but unless I upgrade I can’t plan my food or attach my Fitbit to it. I don’t want to keep paying for things then not like it. I made that mistake with nutrachek.

Pitterpatter37lbs in reply to Hidden

Loose it ! App it’s the same as my fitnesspal

Muffintop21 stone

Must admit I smiled reading your post Ali! Quite a night! Love being lead astray by our daughters! A friend always maintained that if you were going to go off plan do it all at once, not spread it out over time. On that basis you are ok! Think that is the problem with treats being called syns - they are bound to crop up in normal life and we are human! Just draw a line and get back on track, I’m sure you will not have done that much damage in one night. How was the head?

It must be difficult with nights and being so busy, just try to have 1 good day and then another, one day at a time is what is they say, but so true. We are rooting for you, you can do it!

Hidden in reply to Muffintop2

It was a fabulous night and I had no hangover. The realisation of using 84.5 Syns was worse. 53 Syns for a McDonald’s was such a shock.

I’m going back to calorie counting. The lack of fat in my diet has left me feeling totally unsatisfied.

katy9617 in reply to Hidden

hi aliparsnips and welcome back! It is lovely to see you again, and I would not feel too bad about that night. we can spend way way too much time beating ourselves up about things that cannot be fixed. Just curious, what is a Syn? sounds like a sin which is one thing I could never count lol. I am like you, the no fat or low fat diet leaves me hungry and cranky. I am working on the low carb and it is working well for me. glad to see ya!

I can relate to that, it’s so easy to feel down when you have had a really bad day, but this week I’ve been starting each day as if it’s my first and by doing that I have lost 4lb I know I have lots to lose but hopefully with the groups help I can do this. Good luck I hope you get back on track 🤞

But you’ve made your way back here!!! That’s a start!!

You had fun one night. So what?? Enjoy!!!!

Getting lunch at 5pm is haaard. Can you squeeze any healthy snacks in? Carrot sticks, apple....I have class at lunchtime so I usually grab a couple of hard boiled eggs and an apple before or after. Fills me up and then around 2-3 hrs later I have anither healthy snack with my tea.

Just try and figure out something that could work for you.

Oh, I’m using MFP....can’t be bothered to change 😅

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Last night was the same. Basically got my lunch at almost breakfast time. I think some healthy snacks will be far better for me than the bag of crisps I got from the vending machine as we were waiting for the patient to come up from resus. Going to boil an egg and chop up some veg as my just in case tonight 😀

Gobbolino1kg in reply to Hidden

Yes! Do that!! What crazy hours...poor you

I agree with the others. Just by posting on here has made you think about getting it all together..Yeah rule a line under the syns infact rule it straight through. I'm concentrating on eating healthy on sw syncing avocados and nuts is ridiculous. I'll never join another club again I don't think I would've put on so much weight if I'd never have been to one. Good luck with your mojo but I think your half way back already.

13ValerieHealthy BMI

Wekl done for drawing a line under it.

You've learned a valuable lesson.😀

Don't beat yourself for having fallen off the wagon for one night. Healthy eating is a lifetime choice, but you've got to be able to have fun as well; if we can't enjoy our lives, then what's the point?


Also have to say I’m quit jealous of your night. Would love to have shuts with my mum. Don’t pubish yourself, just continue, it is 12 weeks plan, one day can not ruin it

maybe if you are doing long shifts prepare your food for up to three days in advance, batch cook chicken, prepare tuna mayo , pre bake jacket spuds and salad so it's ready to go. Less chance of picking all the bad stuff we all like. By doing a few days at a time it doesn't seem such a daunting task, I feel the same as you trying to get motivation, I am going away in June so trying really hard myself to loose weight. Good luck.

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That’s a fabulous idea. When I get up I’m like what can I pack to take in with me? For speed it’s always a quick to prepare item. I need to set aside a day where I can prepare nutritious meals ready for my week of nights.

Hello Aliparnips

Well done for coming here

It really is a positive step .. you will get so many ideas and tip and hints ;0)

You are only human so don’t beat yourself up ..

tomorrow is another day as they say ;0)

Good luck 😀

I actually calmed my cravings down for choc by doing dechox March for charity

I found it really helped my lower resolve moments ( crying etc for choc lol )

But I told myself it’s not forever and the money I saved on treats I donated and hubby doubled .. no I eat choc but I’m able to break a bar in half ( February that would have been impossible I promise you for some reason I just could not cope without my two bars and sometimes more if I was feeling down ) ... and eat half twice a day ... I’m lucky that I don’t drink alcohol I suppose but I am sure there would be a possible way of helping you enjoy your ripple without feeling deprived etc ...anyway that’s how it’s worked for me so far and I have found it a lot easier than I thought

Lots of fruit and extra veg with salad and warm meals ... you will get lots of ideas here 😀 and hopefully you will get back your mojo 👍😊

Hidden in reply to Pickle_77

Thank you. I actually gave up eating added sugar in January and didn't

miss it at all. Three months I was sucrose free and managing to eat 30-35% fat with the help of this lovely site. They taught me fat was good. The cravings started after I joined SW. I suspect I’m lacking in fat soluble vitamins once again.

I don’t drink alcohol very often,fortunately, which is why I was plied with so much tequila. This is my last night tonight. I will be strong and will avoid the chocolate machine. I’ve made some full fat yogurt, I’ve got my nuts, seeds, fruit. All I need now is to have my lunch at a decent time instead of 4.30am.

I’m back on it 😀

Pickle_77 in reply to Hidden

Brilliant ;0)

Yeah low fat does seem to be getting a rep for ... failiure In the world of “dieting clubs” ....

It’s not just that either ... I could recemmmed an amazing book but not sure if I’m allowed to

Basically it turns the “diet industry “ systems on their heads

I can’t say anything though untill I get a nod ... the person who wrote it has been helping people since 1982 with good and smoking problems ...

Many people would not be able to cope with the ideas they have but I swear it’s helped me and another

person who has helped people I read also .. these two have helped me a lot

But this is the NHS Site so I won’t go there it wouldn’t be fair and if it’s helping many people then I don’t want to step on toes ;0)

Keep going sounds like you are rating to go ;0)

I tried SW for a while but didn’t like the mystery of syns and having to attend meetings. It worked for a while but just got fed up. So understand where you are coming from, especially with the lack of fats. We need them!

Kathy123 stone

I use Lose It too. It's really easy and breaks food up into protein, fat and carbohydrates as well so it helps you eat a balanced diet. What's done is done. Forget it and start again here. You've already made a good start by posting here. None of us are perfect, certainly not me, but I just take one day at a time. Best wishes for the coming week.

rozwalts4 stone

Never mind love, just come and join us on here. What happens with the scales next time we stand on 'em is up to the scales, we aren't going to worry about achieving 1, 2, or even a silly 30 lb loss by next week. We are working on a change for life, not just for a few weeks/months.

I must admit I know I couldn't get on with those syns, don't like the word for starters. I don't consider my once a week treat to be a syn, is is my treat. Not for being especially good, down in the dumps, or any other reason. Tuesday is my treat day, and syns, or even sins, don't enter in to it.

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