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Sharing a bit of motivation!

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By all rights I expected to feel glum today as I put on weight following a lovely weekend away. However I don’t! I think sometimes you need to give yourself a break or it just becomes a chore, which then leads it to become something to fight against. At the end of the day, this is a long-term battle against something which to a lot of years to build up. There is no quick fix.

Today is Monday. A new day in a new week towards becoming a new me! It’s bright and fresh so I have been outside. Just a walk to school and back but it’s about 15-20 minutes of movement and fresh air. This burst of energy and freshness has encouraged me to make a good choice for breakfast which includes lots of fresh fruit/veg to help push away the overindulgence of the weekend.

So to everyone who over-indulged this weekend or didn’t lose the weight they expected to, give yourselves a break! There can be many reasons for not losing but the main one is that you are HUMAN.

However, to all those who did lose and did eat well and excercise, really well done! I hope you are all as proud as punch with your well-earned achievement.

We are all making steps to be healthier in body and mind! Sometimes that may not show on the scales but putting good healthy calories in is still great news for our bodies! 😁

Right, I am off now to put this positivity to good use! 😂

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What a kind post! :)

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Nikabi7lbs in reply to Sazkia

Just hope todays positivity rubs off on people. We are all in this together! 🙂

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Sazkia1lb in reply to Nikabi

Absolutely. :)

What a brilliant post Nikabi!

This is perfectly timed for me as I've had an awful weekend food-wise, after a great loss last week.

You're so right, we 'fall off the wagon' for no other reason than we are all human, sometimes we fall and sometimes we soar.

I love your posifivity!! I am well and truly 'back on the wagon'.

Wagons roll! 😀

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Nikabi7lbs in reply to Needtodosomething

Glad it has helped. Let’s get that wagon back on the road! Lol

I was well off the wagon on Saturday and only partially on it yesterday. I agree with you that a break is good for the soul so long as it doesn't become permanent! In terms of weight loss it is too early to tell what the damage is as booze and carbs cause many people to hold water. I find it takes about 48 hours to settle down. So check again on Wednesday to see what the actual damage is. Glad I am not the only one climbing back aboard :D

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Nikabi7lbs in reply to James40Cheshire

Yes, fingers are crossed mine is water retention caused by salty carbs and alcohol. I think we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves which only sets us up to fail. We all need a break sometimes! 🙂

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Nice bright and shiny post!! Thank you for bringing me up.

Love your post. Thanks.

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