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Day 3

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Bit of a long one, making up for not posting yesterday. So I'm on day 3 and feeling much better than I was, more in control and determined, I've prepped food to bring to work so I have saved money, one thing I have done before and my mum suggested doing so again, I take a picture of everything before I eat it, this means that I can't forget I have eaten it, this means that if I don't write it down at first I can look back at my pictures and there it is.

I haven't really brought things into snack on at work until today. when I got home from work yesterday I was ravenous and just couldn't seem to wait until I had finished cooking dinner. I ended up eating an ice lolly before dinner, I had planned on it being my desert so not the end of the world, but the incident has made me think.

A thing that has shocked me, I popped into the supermarket to grab some food for lunches and thought I'd check out the muller light yoghurts. on other diets (such as slimming world) we are told these are ok and to have as much as we want (mainly slimming world as weight watchers now point the muller light) I followed advice and checked the label I was shocked by the amount of sugar in them, it's not as bad as some yoghurts but one of them had about 10g of sugar in a pot. (The amount of sugar varied between flavours some were 5g)

Now I've given up drinking coffee as I can't drink it without sugar (2 teaspoons) and I detest sweetener (it leaves a horrible aftertaste in my mouth, I could always tell when my mum used to switch out sugar for sweetener) I thought I could use the calories to better use (i.e. Having a yoghurt) so now finding out how much sugar is in the muller lights I can use the calories for one cup of coffee (the office will be pleased, I am not a morning person)

If you are like me and have a sweet tooth and enjoy herbal teas, liquorice tea is fantastic it is so sweet to taste it just sorts out my sweet cravings. if you like mint, liquorice & mint tea is lovely, I find it hits the spot. Also twinnings buttermint tea tastes like humbugs.

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Well done on sussing out the hidden sugar/sweetener in diet food. Go for full fat Greet yogurt and you won't look back. Provided you keep coming on here of course!

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