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I have severe cellulitis in my leg which I have had for 11 years on 27th off August I took very ill was in hospital for 3 weeks which the cellulitis had spread up to my groin I was on antibiotics and morphine plus other pain relief on my 4th week I got home after 2 days took severe pain in my right leg only to be rushed back in to hospital hospital to be told I had a blood clot in my leg which had then led to blood clots in my lungs I now receive warfarin medication everyday now for next 6 months I am very over weight at about 21/22 stone I have always been Big for all years back to school I was Big but over years off painful legs sitting about my weight has went up an up but it not with eating it with sitting all day drinking tea smoking cigarettes. I would rather had cigarettes than food I have now been off the cigarettes 5 weeks because off my illness please help me to lose the weight aswell xxx

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Hi and welcome Nell70 wow you have been through a lot - Firstly I want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS - 5 weeks off the cigs is brilliant and you should be proud of yourself :) (I am a year in, so still remember what an achievement every day, week was :) )

Second i would just like to inform you we can only go on our own experience as none of us on here are medically trained :) but we are a very supportive form ;)

I would like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out, or re-starting.

i would also urge you to read moreless RobLandsdown91 and YellowRose55 intro post in the Newbie club as well as the others

If you just post a few words on the October Newbie Club thread to introduce yourself and respond to others there you will soon feel part of the club.

Follow this link to the Newbie club:

Please read all the information carefully, it is very useful and can be referred to whenever you want to check something.

It just remains for me to wish you well on your journey


Nell70 in reply to Hidden

Thank you xxx

Good morning Nell, so sorry to hear your having been so unwell. Hoping your feeling better now.

You have done so well to give up the cigarettes, should be proud of yourself.

Hope you use your health as a motivating factor to lose weight. I had two large pulmonary embolism in March of this year, this was my wake up call to lose weight. I have gone from obese to over weight, have much more energy still early days for me.

Wishing you every success on your journey x

Nell70 in reply to Honey10

Thank you fingers crossed I just feel I need this push and support and a big bag Off confidence to get myself started take care xxx

Honey101lb in reply to Nell70

Lots of support here x


Very well done for quitting smoking Nell70 thats a fabulous achievement and should be celebrated 😊

You obviously have had quite a health scare and for me it was a turning point, and I used the experience to focus on weight loss. You can do the same, ask yourself what would you rather have?

Please read all the information Cracker has supplied carefully, especially about finding the correct calorie target as this ie key in my opinion, I never believed I could lose weight eating so much 😊

Wishing you well


Nell70 in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you I’m new to all this I’m not to good on working this phone something else I have to learn about 😀 xx

SheilambRestart January 2021

Well, what an achiever you are already. Cigs banished for five weeks. So you just know you have what it takes to beat the weight too. Soak up the good advice and fellow feeling on this forum and you will soon see the start of your weight loss. Then this will ease your health worries too. Good luck and best wishes. Sheila

Nell70 in reply to Sheilamb

Thank you I have a great loveing supportive family but once there out to school and work in morning or all in bed at night I feel alone and no one to talk to so this is my positive start xxx

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