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Hello :)

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Hi everyone, I'm Katrina and I have 3.5 st to lose. I'm a wee bit daunted by that but actually quite excited now that I seem to have a plan to get to my goal. I've never counted calories before in my life, I've only ever had to up my exercise and tweak the types of food I eat and their volume, but this time around I need a much more controlled approach. I broke my foot 5 months ago and it was the catalyst for a downward spiral but I'm determined to go upwards again. If anyone has any handy tips for calorie counting I'd be hugely grateful. I've tried googling calorie ready reckoners but haven't got very far! TIA x

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Whoops, thought I'd posted this in the Newbies section but doesn't look like I have... Sorry! 🙈 x

hi Katrina and welcome. If you keep chipping away at your weight, losing a pound or two here and there, you'll soon see a difference, which I'm sure will motivate you to keep going. Sorry to hear about your foot. I am quite new to this but I'm finding that planning my meals for the next day the evening before helps me to stick to a calorie target. I count every single calorie, I use the NHS calorie counting website, which isn't perfect but it does me. Best of luck, keep posting to let us know how you're getting on, we'll all be rooting for you

Welcome Kfa 84. I have a similar amount to lose and am at the beginning of my journey too. And I keep posting in wrong place aswell, it's not that intuitive, I think there's a little bit of trial and error. But folks hereabouts seem very nice and encouraging. Best of luck to you

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