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Working out why!

Hedgehog171 stone

Hi all, it's been evident from my daily diary entries and my own tracking that I have not been as good at staying on track and maintaining the steady weight loss in the last month. I'm frustrated as you might expect and feeling a little defeated. Although my main goal has really just been to lose something each week no matter how little I also know that I really wanted to lose about 4 stone overall and a significant amount of that by the time we get to a family Christmas celebration. My family are lovely but for various reasons I can find all of them together difficult and being 'the fat one' doesn't help. Given my 'blip' in the last month that goal is feeling less achieveable.

Anyway, I'm wondering if you lovely people can make any suggestions to help me figure out why I went off track. I'm thinking that if I can work out the reasons it will help me to avoid it again in the future.

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Morning Hedgehog17

I can totally understand you feeling frustrated when it as not gone all to plan like you hoped for and I know what you mean with the family too as that is what I feel like in my family! We are now heading for a new month so just draw a line in what as passed and start to get back on track by setting a achievable goal for the end of August and focus on that. Use the Daily Diary to pinch ideas from other members on meals and remember to plan each day. You can do this!!

Onwards and Downwards!

Hedgehog171 stone in reply to YellowRose55

Thanks, glad it's not just me!


Being human, has its downfalls , easy to go off track, with me, it's simply at times, 1 too many biscuits, extra nibbles, all easily sorted.

Add that on a daily basis and no losses, I had pizza 2 days ago, so my weight is up, carb retains more water, it will fix itself, in a few days.

Get back to counting and make every mouthful/calorie count, and plan it's the only way

Hedgehog171 stone in reply to Diana

Thanks. I have noticed that if I have a 'not good' day then a subsequent 'good' one sorts things out. I think I'm more bothered because I seem to have had a bit of a sequence of them. I think probably one of the main reasons was just exhaustion and busyness at work and I'm not really sure how to tackle those things or my response to them!

DianaMaintainer in reply to Hedgehog17

You need to plan meals /snacks, so it doesn't happen, freeze or fridge portions. I often have scrambled egg on toast for dinner, with a pot of baby toms, nothing wrong with it and so easy too, it's not every day, it's Sid it, too tired to cook tho

Hedgehog171 stone in reply to Diana

See, I am a complete planner - always have been, even before trying to lose weight. I could tell you what I'm going to eat next Wednesday if you asked! I think maybe what I need to do is working on times when I know I'm going to be tired/busy and planning things that are even quicker and easier to get to eating point.

DianaMaintainer in reply to Hedgehog17


One thing you may find if you have reached the area where you have recently either lost 1st or got to the point where it is going from 1st mark into another (e.g15st -14.13) you may need to have lower calorie amounts but where weight often at this point your body is trying to get used to it for a bit and also where the calorie amount slightly drops you will have this problem for a bit. Do make sure you re-check your bmi as this calorie amount does drop slightly that you should eat as well. I always have this problem when I go from 1st amount into another and it lasts about 3-4weeks but once my body is used to it, it will go back to dropping properly. Hope this helps you as well because I know everyone is different.

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