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The end


I think I have reached the end of all the strength I had to keep going...

Today I tried some clothes on and realised that I am now size 22! I went from 10 to 16 in 8 years and from 16 to 22 in less than one year!

I feel physically sick in my stomach to see the size of the shorts I had to buy today.

I have nothing against overweight people and to be honest I don't look at people's size, I look at their personality but I can't be like this with myself.

I have a voice screaming inside me, telling me to join the gym and start to count calories but when tomorrow comes know I will prefer to postpone it and go for the easy option and end up hating myself for it.

I don't know what else to do to get the motivation to do the right thing.

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The good news is you can go back down to a size 16 in less than a year! Don't worry about buying a size 22, if you use it to give you the kick you need then don't worry. Use the forum regularly and try to stay focused. By Christmas you can buy smaller clothes and will feel happier! 🤞

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi DriPea

I can feel your frustration with being over weight. I was bigger than you when I started the nhs 12 week plan last year and I have to say it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Just give it a try for one month and you will feel so much better in yourself.

Why not use the Daily Diary for a week to get you started as there is lots of support there for you and it will keep you on track.

You can do this! Just take the next step and plan your days eating and stick to it for the day.

Good luck.

DriPea in reply to YellowRose55

Yes it's a good idea thanks. I can't find the part where u guys do the weight ins can u help me?

YellowRose554st 7lbs in reply to DriPea

I will tag you on today weigh in.

DriPea in reply to YellowRose55


Hi DriPea

You can do this, we will all help and support you with your weight loss. You are never on your own here as we are all going through the same journey.

Wishing you all the best :)

DriPea in reply to blackbeauty99

Thanks ☺️

No time like the present. I decided to lose weight because my bp was too high. So If you think it may be hard look at it as your saving your life.

Be strong.

jopo3 stone

We all have a 'trigger' point and you may have just had yours DriPea , so welcome to this wonderful forum where you'll find help, information and support to help you on your journey to health.

Join in as much as you can, at least every day and forget about diets (they Just don't work) eat healthy real food, follow the 12 week plan and ditch the junk, you'll be a new person by Christmas. In fact you'll be changing every day from right now !!

Check out the nhs 12 week plan. I came across it while surfing the net and like the way it has 'Your Actions for the week'. Each week another action is added while reinforcing the ones from the previous week. I don't feel that I am expected to do everything all at once, which will hopefully help me keep on track. I think you could find it helpful in that way as well. Slow and steady :D

kalahuchi6 stone

You've had some fantastic replies already. I do agree that we all have a moment when we say to ourselves we have to take action and it sounds like you may have just had your moment.

Capitalise on those feelings now but don't beat yourself up over the past. The principle of making small, positive changes and maintaining them while I introduced new ones has changed my life over just one year and I would recommend the NHS 12 week plan. The NHS BMI calculator is also brilliant and suggests a calorie allowance depending on your age and activity. It is quite generous but it does work and the best thing is that by eating those few more calories while losing weight, it stays off.

I would say make a start, do it now - start in the middle of a day if you've had a big breakfast - it really doesn't matter but make one, positive change to your lifestyle. My first step was to empty the house of sweets, cakes, chocolates, crisps and vow never to allow them back in again. The next week I worked on getting 5 veg and fruit a day. When that was automatic (it could sometimes take more than a week) I started to think about portion size which involved counting calories and weighing food - a real chore and it took a couple of weeks or maybe a little longer. I had to admit I was "addicted" to sugary foods and decided to give up added sugar altogether. It's probably the best thing I ever did.

Only then did I work on finding regular exercise that I enjoyed so I'd keep it going in the long term, but by that time the weight was dropping off and I felt great and motivated to carry on. I also got a photo of myself from 15 years ago when I was happy with my appearance and put it by my bed so I could see it every morning and say to myself "I'm going to look like you again". It helped me to stay focussed. I still try to make positive changes, but less regularly like increasing the amount of wholegrain in my diet or increasing the number of steps I walk each day.

I went from a size 24 and 16st last May and I'm now a size 12 and 10st 3lb so you could be a whole different person this time next year and you'll be cheering on newbies yourself. You can do this and we'll all be here to help you every step of the way.

Good luck and the support you'll get on this forum is second to none - these lovely people have got me through many a sticky moment and I'm sure they'll get me through many more x

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