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Hi everyone, hope you had a good weekend?

This is my 2nd day of healthly eating and exercise, and ive got though it OK so far.....Taking it easy with the excerises though due to my health, So just warm up , exercise bike for 15 mins, stretchers and physio exercisers and dog walk yesterday Today took my gorgeous doggie Bella for couple mile walk.

wondered if anyone could help me out pls, I may seem a bit silly but could you ell me how i can get the 12 WEEK DIET & the MEASUREMENT CHART, Thankyou LOU xx

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Type in to your internet browser NHS 12 week plan and you will be able to download it from there :) - It is also in the pinned Newbies post with a link to it :)

Well done on your exercise, but remember to take advice from your DR due to your health :)

wishing you all the best on your journey :)

Loulou06 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou for that; I now know im officially Obese, BMI of 32, !!! SO now i am determined to do something about it,,, xx

Can your phone get apps?

Loulou06 in reply to LillyPop22

Yes it can Lillypop!

What do you have in mind ? X

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