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First monthly weigh in

Fran182716Restart August 2020

I decided to try monthly weigh ins as I get fed up and lose motivation if I don't see a loss or even a tiny gain at the end of a week of sticking to my eating plan. So last weigh in was 31 st Dec when I weighed 10 st12 and at that point I had lost a pound from Boxing Day when I weighed 10 st13 . Today I am 10 st 8 so 4 lb lost and in total I have lost the 5lb I put on in December so I'm back to the weight I was last June after losing an initial stone, and am exactly 2 stone from the top of my healthy bmi range. A little more would have been nice but it's definitely a positive, my clothes feel loose and comfortable again, it all seems to have gone from my middle which is where I would like it to go from! I haven't gone hungry or felt deprived, and I'm still motivated to carry on, so I'll see what the scales say on 29 th Feb ( gives me an extra day this year lol) ☀️

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Congratulations on the good weight loss Fran - sounds like a steady rate, which is what you want. And January is a horrible month anyway, so any weight loss is good ! Sounds like the new weighing regime is working well also - I'm too curious to ever last a month !! :-)

Fran182716Restart August 2020 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Lucca, I am pleased, and it was worth waiting! I'm certainly going to carry on with this while its working☀️

Yay Fran - the result you wanted and you got it! If you can keep losing 4-5lbs a month you'll definitely get those 2 stones off. The long game is the best way if that's what actually gets the weight moving. Personally, I never liked to weigh myself, and saw it as a necessary evil if I was to lose weight at all. Luckily I've had a good experience since starting the 12 week plan - more weeks were losses than were maintains/gains. But I can totally understand that it would be very dispiriting to see less encouraging results, in which case a longer gap between weigh ins definitely makes sense. Bring on 29th Feb :)

Fran182716Restart August 2020 in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

Thanks Ruth, I know what you mean about necessary evil, if I wasn't trying to lose weight I'd rather just go by how clothes fit, but it needs to be measured to stick to it for me ☀️

Exactly. But don't lose sight of the how clothes fit part as well! As well as inches on the waist etc. Maybe check mid-month for those...

Fran182716Restart August 2020 in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

Having to wear a belt with my work trousers so should know when I'm losing if I have to tighten another hole!

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Fran,

That's brilliant, what a great result, and Congratulations on doing so well.

Especially good to hear that you've not gone hungry or felt deprived - that is how it should be, and makes it more doable and sustainable for the future - you're feeling motivated to carry on, and I'm sure you'll have another great result at the end of February, especially as you've got that extra day on 29th!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend and wishing you continued success.

Lowcal :-)

Fran182716Restart August 2020 in reply to Zest

Thanks Lowcal, wasn't sure if I'd hold out till the end of the month, but glad I did, and as long as something comes off each month I hope I'll keep motivated ☀️

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