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Hi ya, I broke my ankle at Xmas , I getting married in August and need to loose about 7 stone. I ve been trying to eat healthy but I ve crumbled, not easy hobbling around. I thought this time off would give me chance to take time to loose weight but I just feel do confused to know what to do. If I follow controlled calorie I then binge , if I try to just eat healthy I still eat a lot and know its too many calories. Help what do I do for the best .

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Hi Cybamands,

Firstly, I am so sorry to hear you broke your ankle at Xmas and I understand you are still recuperating from that. So do take it easy and take the time it needs to get better.

Congratulations on the fact you are gettting married in August, that is lovely. It should hopefully be lovely and sunny and warm for the day.

I would recommend having a read through these links, and taking the advice that you feel you can stick to - i.e. if you don't want to count calories, then focus more on portion sizes, if you feel you can't do a specific exercise, then don't - purely note the advice that you feel you could try and that you think would be helpful to yourself. Bit of 'pick and mix' perhaps?

Also, do join us in the Monday group weigh-in, if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in. It's a large and supportive group, and really motivating - but I do realise such things are not everyone's cup of tea. But if you do fancy joining us, then the next one is Monday 15th February 2016. There will be a Morning session, and and Afternoon/Evening session.

Hope something in those links will be useful, and hope that you have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

Ouch that is tough,breaking your ankle, but you have great motivation to lose weight before the big day in august. It is a tall order, to lose so much weight in 6 months but it is in your hands. You will get lots of support on here and some excellent ideas too so join the weigh in on Monday and start the 12 week plan, it really works if you stick to it. :-) John

What a busy year you have in front of you Cybamands. I hope your ankle is well and truly on the mend, you need it to be strong so you can enjoy the first dance on your wedding night!

If you don't mind me saying I think you've set the bar very high (7stone in 6 months), but hats off to you if you believe it's doable. When I had a special occasion I was losing weight for I pinned a picture of the dress I wanted to fit into onto the fridge door and the larder door, they were a little reminder of what my goal was on what for me were the doors of temptation.

Good Luck to you.

Cybamands in reply to Jenever

Thank you. I know its a lot. It is doable but I'd have to be strict. For all those mths not sure if I have it in me but want to. Not helping I'm on crutches at the mom. Trouble is cause its my wedding dress can't let hubby to be see it. Any other ideas. How I can inspire with my dress

skinnylizzie2 stone in reply to Cybamands

Fill bottles of water up with the weight you lose this has really kept me going 36 lb is now too heavy for me to lift. Just set yourself a goal for the end of each month. plot your weight daily, that way you can check when you go up , I have done it by counting every calorie and cutting out sugar, carbs and alcohol completely. never thought I would stick to it but after 25 years I have managed to lose this in 3 months. You can do it focus on the positive things you can achieve good luck.

sueper5 stone


This is a great site for inspiration, support and advice.

I managed to lose 4 stone in about 7 months and I wasn't too strict so even if you can't get 7 stone off before your wedding you could make a huge different. I have a lot of weight to lose but losing 4+ stone has made me feel so much better.

Good luck :)

have soup for dinner - home made every day. keep excercising as much as you can, even if its chair excercises, your physiotherapist should help. things need to keep moving to come out other end!

Hi I am in the same boat,I have alot of weight to lose and my daughter graduation in October.I should have around 1600 Cal's which I can eat by lunch time or if I eat healthy I over eat massively .I tried Slimming World but unlimited portions doesn't work for me.Good Luck with your journey.Keep in touch x

If you have lower calories you have to cut out the carbs and sugar this then stops the cravings

I think what a lot of us do is not have enough to eat for breakfast and lunch "because we're trying to lose weight". Then by the evening we're starving so we stuff! Another day without losing. The trick is to have a good breakfast of zero sugar cereal like porridge, shredded wheat or puffed wheat. The ones that are 100% wholegrain and have no sugar in them. Add fruit to sweeten and skimmed milk or plain low fat yogurt. How about a couple of boiled or poached eggs? Poached on crumpets are lush as all the yolk can go into the little holes! Go for a low fat protein, like chicken (no skin), ham, or other meat with no visible fat) at lunch time with as much salad as you can face. Or have a homemade veg soup as a starter. For dinner, have some more of your soup or a starter salad (with a zero dressing). Have your main course and, again, add an extra veg. For pudding, try quarter of a sugarfree jelly with some drained fruit in juice and topped with a little yogurt. I bet you won't be so hungry in the evenings, if you are having 3 courses. The main thing is to have enough low fat protein with veg and fruit so that you aren't hungry. If you aren't so hungry because you are getting enough to eat, then you won't be so tempted. It is also worth planning a treat within your kcal allowance. So hobble to the supermarket and find some low kcal treats that you would like. Allow yourself 7 for the week. One for each day. But once they're gone, even if you have them early, don't replace them till the following week.

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