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Anyone tried clean and lean?


I bought the Cameron Diaz body book which was actually far more scientific and useful than I imagined it would be! Her lifestyle is all about clean eating whole foods and exercise. I go to the gym loads but I eat junk food by the bucketload. I have also ordered the James Duigan clean n lean book, what success have any of you had with this type of diet?

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ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi MrsM87,

I think the majority of us are following the principles of the NHS 12 week plan. I haven't seen either of the books you've mentioned.

I do think Cameron Diaz looks extremely healthy and fit. I think she does lots of training to keep her physique and I am not surprised to hear that she eats well. I think having wholefoods is really healthy.

If you fancy joining us for a Monday weigh-in group, please look out for the thread, which I post just before 7am every Monday. You'd be very welcome to join us, if you fancy the idea of some group support.

I hope you find the second book you've ordered to be helpful. It can be nice to get some new books, especially around Christmas.

Lowcal :-)

MrsM87 in reply to Zest

Thank you Lowcal yes I would like to join in on mondays :)

ZestHealthy SBMI in reply to MrsM87

That's fantastic, hope you have a great week in the meantime. :-)

It is what I am doing at the moment, a plant-based whole foods diet (google WFPB diet) and I really like it. So far I have lost 40lbs and still enjoy lovely meals.

Cleaning up your eating is always good you are much more aware of the content of a meal and can easily switch to better choices in a recipe good luck

I did a week on Honestly Healthy and I did lose weight, but trying to fit in all the shopping and cooking around caring for my poorly dog, exercise and work was tricky. This is one of the reasons why I don't follow diet plans per se. All that said, I really enjoyed the food and the principles are ones I frequently follow for meals, although I'm not as strict as a purist! Oh and over Christmas forget it with all the sugar laden and meat filled food around!


I think it's the best. I like James Dugan's book best. It's a very simple way of eating in a low carb healthy simple way. Not for everyone but I need to cut carbs as I carry my extra weight around my middle so its a good one for me. That's the logic but it's getting me to follow it that isn't as easy. But it's a day at a time so from today it's clean and lean.


I haven't read the books you mentioned. I did the 12 week plan but also banned refined sugar which basically cut all junk food out and meant I ate 'clean'. No sugar meant I could eat more of the other stuff including fruit. I try not to eat things that have been artificially altered like fruit juice or dried fruits.

It worked for me and I reached my goal quickly eating really healthy foods without becoming fanatical or socially too challenging when eating with others.

Being mindful of eating healthily is helpful

LessToLose in reply to 2bFabnfit

I find my mood has stabilised and my cravings have gone now that I have cut out all refined sugars.

The social aspect is still concerning me slightly, but so far, I have managed to get by.


People adjust. In fact I find they admire my resolve. I feel so much better without it that I don't find it difficult. After a while you can maybe relax a little in social situations, as I have done. Yesterday was my son's birthday so I allowed myself to have a piece of cake. Back to sugar free today..

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