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Hello Newbie here embarking on my journey to change me body, eating habits, life!! Desperately looking for a gym buddy and new friends :)


Hi guys,

finally taking the plunge and have realised that I really cannot carrying on stuffing my face any longer! Im 24 years old, a mum of one and size 16. Whilst I know that's not huge these days for me it does feel that way. Im desperate to get back into a health size 12. I wonder how everyone is finding the plan. I intend to go to the gym to do a few classes and swim too. Would love to hear from anyone in a similar position or in the Newbury Berkshire area :)

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Well done ! Its great that you want to be lighter and fitter, and really encouraging to read that you're not complacent just because "size 16 isnt huge these days" . Most of us just accept being bigger than we should be just because clothes sizes have become more generous and the 'average' women has become bigger and bigger over the past 40 years. When I was your age I was 5ft 5in, 9st 3lbs and size 14, which was Bust 36" Waist 26" Hip 38" . Now age 61, I am still buying 14 /16 but I weigh 11st 10lbs and I measure a lot lot more!!!

Good luck, you have the right attitude so I wish you well , you have a lovely new baby and when you get to your target you'll feel so much fitter and more energetic as a young mum.