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Constant bleeding being ignored by docs


I have always had issues with my periods, heavy bleeding and bleeding between periods which has always been shrugged off by numerous doctors as "just one of those things that happen to some people" however over the last 6 months I have had some type of bleeding almost daily, it ranges from spotting to full bleeds and I have also suffered significant hair loss (which could be due to stress). My doctor has changed my contraceptive pill from rigivedion to cilique which has made no change other than I dont seem to have a period on my week off i just continue with random bleeding most days. I am becoming really concerned. I cant be smear tested as I had one 18 months ago, I've previously had to have laser therapy to remove pre cancerous cells from my cervix and I have a family history of braca gene, it's making me extremely anxious all the time and now it's really taking its toll on my relationship. I dont feel like having sex and when I do, i feel horrible because i know I'm probably bleeding. I really dont know where to go next. Since I was 12 I have been told just to get on with it but its becoming too much to ignore now. Anyone had a similar experience? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi hun I spot most days I've also had pre cancerous cells and got them burnt off in 2013 now I get a smear every year however spotting is a symptom of pcos I'm on yasmin pill and still get spotting most days then when im on my 7 day break the bleeding is quite light yet im in agony with cramps xx

Wolfe91 in reply to Saladgirl86

Im sorry you are suffering, it sounds very similar to me, I also have lots of bowel and stomach problems. No doctor has even suggested pcos or endometriosis but reading through the posts here, I'm beginning to wonder x

Saladgirl86 in reply to Wolfe91

Ask them to do tests I had to push for mine as I knew that something wasnt right x

Hey, I’ve been bleeding for 100+ days now, I’ve finally been referred to the gynaecologist and my appointment is tomorrow. Absolutely shitting myself. Being told I’m not allowed to take my partner with me to my appointment also doesn’t help. Sounds silly, I’ve been having the same reoccurring nightmare about what they will say to me and that they’ll just sweep me under the rug again like last time. I feel like a total lost cause. It’s nice to know it’s not just me bleeding for long periods of time (excuse the pun) but it has affected my life a lot recently. My relationship, my confidence, I’ve been to see counsellors as I’ve been told I’ve got anxiety, probably not related but just adds to the shittiness. Then to top it off, 2 weeks ago I’ve been told I’m anemic from loosing so much blood and I’m on a ‘treatment’ of iron tablets to try and get back to ‘normal’.

Things can only get better❤️

- Lauren

I hope you get some answers tomorrow, it sounds so draining and I cant help feel there must be a something that can be done, please let me know how you get on, i have my fingers crossed for you x

Hi there, same thing happened to me with the bleeding. My Dr did many tests and eventually it was my thyroid that was messing everything up. I had the hair loss too which I thought was from PCOS but can be a symptom of thyroid issues. I was put on eltroxin and all is well now. Totally understand how you feel about the bleeding it drains you out emotionally and physically. Hope you feel better soon.

Wolfe91 in reply to lvebe

Hey lvebe, thanks for getting in touch, they took bloods to test my thyroid because both my mum and sister have underactive thyroids but they have said mine is fine. I'm glad you are getting some help, fingers crossed whatever is going in gets fixed soon x

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