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Inositol experience?


I have been taking the MyOva inositol for 3 weeks now and have had a 12 day period that ended yesterday and is my first in 6 months or so. Did anyone get pregnant from this pretty quickly?

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Yes, I did. You’re talking about MyOva Plus on Amazon right? I started in April 2019 in the hope it would help me ovulate (I have regular cycles but no regular ovulation) I ovulated after one month in May and I got pregnant in June 2019, but had a miscarriage. I was also taking Chinese herbs and having acupuncture. I’m taking it currently in the hope I ovulate next month. I ovulated in December but not this month I think.

I’ve been taking myova since June 2019 and it’s regulated my cycles to 28-30 days 👍🏻 My issue is that my luteal phase is really short 7-8 days.

This is the first month I’m trying it combined with progesterone cream (post ovulation) to see if it will lengthen luteal phase. Would normally come yesterday or today day 31 (8dpo) and have a crampy tummy but af not started yet.

How do you track your ovulation? I wouldn’t worry too much for now.

Ah fingers crossed for you! How do you work out when you're ovulating? X

Just use ovulation sticks so I know ovulation may not actually happen after the LH surge

Hey, yeah that's the one! I was a bit sceptical when I ordered it but the reviews were just so good! I'm sorry to hear you had a miscarriage ❤

How do you track if you're ovulating? I used to use the sticks but I got a bit obsessed x

Not sure if the question is for me. I’m using MyOva View sticks now which I find more accurate for me with Pcos.

What does my ova do? How much is it?

Does anyone get day 14 bleeds I do every mth

The one I use is £32 on Amazon. I know some people bleed during ovulation, but it’s rare.

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