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why don't people get it?

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I have PCOS and I am 16. found out I had it just before my 13th. being in secondary school is really hard because I feel like people just judge me. I've been bullied a lot for it over the years and people seem to forget that I didn't ask to have it. I just don't get why people make such a huge fuss over it and think that we are not normal

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Remember people judging you says far more about them that you ❤️ own your own self confidence and show them they are nothing to you ❤️ xxx

Hang in there as things will get better! I was also diagnosed when I was 13 and was put on many pills until microgenon which made me feel much more normal.

I used to be bullied for being hairy and started to lose my hair but I started on a diet and a hair treatment and things got better.

I’m now 36, happily married and I can barely remember the name/faces of all those bullies.

Good luck! Just hang in there :) xx

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