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Do I need an unltrasound scan?


My GP has diagnosed me with PCOS on the basis of excess facial hair and irregular periods. I’m fairly certain that I have it as I also have other common symptoms (struggling with weight, acne etc). However, my GP said that as there is no cure for PCOS and she thinks I have it there would be no point in doing an ultrasound scan to check for cysts. Is this correct? Or should I ask for a scan to be sure?

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The cysts are only a symptom and can come and go so I wouldn't worry because a lot still believe if you don't have the cysts then you don't have it which is incorrect and the name of pcos is really misleading. You can be diagnosed by symptoms alone. Stick to a low GI type diet and cut out all white carbs as they make the symptoms worse - the combined pill is good at keeping the symptoms at bay and if you take 3 months on the trot it reduces it further, which is fine as long as you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy.

You only have to have two of the symptoms to be diagnosed, and it doesn’t have to be a scan. So yes your doctor is right. Has your doctor prescribed you with any treatment? Dianette and yasmin the contraceptive pills both worked wonders for my acne and transformed my life. They gave me much more confidence.

I am now struggling with hair loss mostly so going back into battle with doctors to get treatment for that. Good luck

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